Bush Policy Hits the Fan In Israel!!!!

Viper 29's (Dans) Intell Briefing

Well sports fans, It is time for one of my monthly rambles. That guy who is liveing up in the Big White House thought he could play the game with Israel. WRONG!!!!!

Of course this is almost typical of the soon to be ended Bush-Taylor-Doleism Era! Well, We will just waltz right in and tell them it is this way or the Desert Road and hop back on AF1 and things will be fine. WRONG AGAIN!!!!!

Taylor & Dole are lower than Whaleshit and that is on the ocean floor, That much we know! I will reserve what I REALLY want to say and how I REALLY FEEL about Bush as I don’t need men in black comming for my computer.
But folks, these Republicans, who spend millions of dollars on ad campains are Dumb as a Barnyard Goose. Anyone with any sense knows Gazza will come back to Israel! It always has. If you want proof pick up the scriptures. I told you I had done in-depth study of Military History and Judiasim . It has been that way for 6000 years. And it sure isnt going to change because Bush & the court Jester Rice wants it to or tell them to!

Folks, Right now in the Gazza Strip it is 2:30am. Air strikes have darkeded the strip and knocked out bridges. And the IDF is lined up to pounce just as they have done over the centuries, Right before Daybreak! Anglico & I spent time in our military and because of my time there and in Law Enforcement I have been able to meet and make friendships with IDF Officers. These are all the type of pepole who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it! Haw serious are they about rescueing that soldier and takeing back Gazza!! Ever hear of Massada? They climb it before daybreak and there they take their oath. Research that when you have the time.

Mr. Bush & Ms. Rice ,you screwed up big time on this issue! You are fixing to see what a well equipped Army does when the Politicians stay out of things which is something you might want to try! At least we Dems know when to shut our mouths! All I can say now is the Republicans need to hide under a Rock if they are smart.

All I have left to say now is ,David, Abbi, Yani & Dan, Shoot True, Shoot Straight! Sh’ma Yisrael adonai elohaynoo ekhad, Barookh shem k’vod.

Your Friend for a Democratic Nation, Daniel!