Bush 'n' Bragg


You know things must be getting rough when AWOL George schedules a July 4th visit to Fort Bragg to get his picture taken with da troops. If little boy George had actually done his job when he was supposed to be serving in the Texas Air National Guard, maybe he wouldn't be such a chickenshit president today. George Bush is a coward. The only reason he pays attention to men and women in uniform is when he can use them to bolster his shitty poll numbers. I spent three years jumping out of helicopters with soldiers from the 82nd Airborne. They don't want to stand next to the Commander in Grief and smile for the cameras.



I haven't heard of a fundraiser planned for Hayes with Bush, have you?

I'm sure they could throw something together right quick.

Whether there's a fundraiser or not - it's no small thing he's coming within a hair of the 8th district for a grin and jerk.

They are scared of a school teacher. :)

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They are scared . . .

and they should be. I think it's about time for Flip-floppin' Robin to have health problems and withdraw from the race.

I bought a whole bunch of flip flops

You've seen them in the pictures. I've labeled them with Cafta and Fast track and I'm going to put them in a box and ship them to Hayes. I was going to do an action plan and have lots of people do it, but I thought that was overkill. I wish I could deliver it in person.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Send some to the Observer too.

And let them know you've sent a boxful to Floppin. Reporters love stunts like that on a slow news day.

Good Idea!

I can send them a Robin Hayes "sample pac"...get it...PAC...
OK...I clearly need to get some sleep.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Hook up Men! Red is on!

I spent three years jumping out of helicopters with soldiers from the 82nd Airborne. * A

Was that with or without parachute A?

Don't worry A! My son is in the 82 nd and sitting in Bunker
20 clicks from the Iran border...with a new 6 thousand
flake jacket call the Dragon Fly that I bought him.
They promise to court martial him if he worn in combat.

His unit response to the commander! Do it!!!!!!!

What really piss me off about purchasing it, I had to buy
it from the Blackwater group... Damn monoployist Bastards

Should have been with . . .

but you never knew sometimes. When we did those jumps in the middle of the night at 600 feet, it seemed like there was hardly enough time for the canopy to open.

If I was a person who prayed, I'd be praying for your son to come home safe and whole. I'm pulling for him.

Thanks A

I'd be praying for your son to come home safe and whole. I'm pulling for him.* A
Thanks A! It was my worst nightmare coming true when this
happen. When he got his wings he attached a cam to his
jumps and the troopers behind him and got great pics.

Of course that is against regs .... Hey you got to do what
you do... The nice thing is that we communicate by instant
Messager. The military filters have not pick up on the IM's
yet or they are unable to sort out the traffic.... Maybe
Rummie and the stage events boys are not into hotmail yet

I've always wondered

What's a "click"? Is it more or less than a mile? Is it a kilometer?



this is all over the news, and has been

so many parents are buying the armor and the gov't is saying that if they are wounded, they will be responsible for the healthcare, not the gov't.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Bump! or Click

There are so many things wrong with that.
I hope he never needs it.* Lance

He will! The IED thing has change everything. Studies
show that over 90% of the wounds were cause by no
protection under the arm pits and side rib section.
The neck was totaly unprotected and most who got a blast
in the neck bled to death from the arties being cut by
fag metal parts from the blast. Also the old flak jackets
contained only one or two layers of Dupont Valniar light
plastic. That is the stuff you have on your bumpers in your
Auto to cut repair costs by the insurance companies.

The new flak jacket Drag Fly covers the whole upper section
of the body including the neck and sides and the private
parts to the knee caps. It is like a Knight armor from the
middle ages except much, much lighter with about 15 layers
of Valniar. The Army claims it slows the motion of the body
and reaction time to move or run from harm's way. Which is
crap since most encounters are not that close.

What is a click? * Somebody

The term click came from the Nam conflict. which is just
about mile or under. The reason for the term was when
Charlie using the cheap USSR morters fired
, you could hear the click of the morter shell being fired
from a distant just under a mile. Which bought about
another new term " Incoming" which gave one time to find

From a miltary viewpoint for the gunts, it is the worst
sound they wanted to hear in close combat.

Send it to the FAYETTEVILLE

Send it to the FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER. That's where Fort Bragg is and that is where I live. I don't have a congressman except the one in the 13th. I certainly don't have one in the 8th. I can't wait for Kissell to be elected.

Welcome to BlueNC

I can't wait for Kissell to be elected too. Spread the word.

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Road Trip?

Anyone interested in a little July 4th road trip to Ft Bragg to give the Commander in Thief a proper welcome to our fine soon-to-be Blue state?

Wish I could

but we're having a proper July 4th celebration here in Chapel Hill (which you're welcome to come to) from 4 - 8 on Tuesday. Last year there were about 200 good folks . . . and we're always eager to have more!

Oh, I wish I could

I have to do the family thing...I mean...I want to do the family thing. I will have missed two chances in a short period of time to protest the prez....dangit.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'll have to

round up some of my lefty pals from The Freedom Group! They're always ready to for a good protest!