Boo! - NC 8: Dunn’s Drop Out Brightens Prospects for Hayes

But Dunn’s dropout was even better news for Hayes, whose chances for winning a fifth term in the potentially competitive 8th District greatly improved. With Kissell still unproven as a candidate and lacking the publicity draw of Dunn’s service in Iraq, has changed its rating on the race to Republican Favored from Leans Republican.

And here we thought Hayes would just roll over and play dead.


Tick tick tick


February: Republican for sure
March: Republican favored
April: Leans Republican
May: Barely Republican
June: Dead heat
July: Dead zone
August: Leans Democratic
September: Democratic favored
October: Democratic for sure
November: Subpoena power!


to  Republican favored  from  Leans Republican. We've got some momentum to undo.


shows how screwed up they are. This is 30,000 feet fly-over bullshit based on dollars alone. I know dollars matter a bunch, but they're not everything.

This isn't based on poll numbers or dollars

It's based on them reaching up their asses and pulling something out.....

If it looks like crap...and it smells like probably is crap.

They thought Dunn would have a better chance. The DCCC didn't jump into the Dunn campaign b/c they came for a visit and took a lay of the land.

It's actually better for Larry if the Repugs think Hayes has it all sewn up.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Let them Underestimate is OK

The only way that this remotely bothers me is in the $$ race. Most of this I believe is based on the perceptions that 1) Dunn was supposed to be the candidate to make this a race and 2) Hayes has pulled out other races- especially in 2000 and 2002 when he looked vulnerable. And finally 3)That Hayes will have unlimited resources to hold this seat.

Let's face it- Larry still has a primary and only when he is THE candidate against Hayes and head to head polls are taken will this perception change. Besides- this is JUST inside the beltway posturing and I don't think Rockinham, Ansonville, Mt. Pleasant or Mt. Gillied really care/ nor read CQ politics. I am not worried. What matters is what we are doing on the ground and that looks good!

Is anyone here from NC-8?

I feel like a tourbus full of lefty bloggers from NC-11 could drive into Montreat and never come out and there's still be enough of them left to hold a Deaniac reunion. Who is representing NC-8? We need to get our teeth into this race.

I live less than a mile from the border

between 12 and 8. I'm one precinct away from being in 8. Just my luck.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.