Bold Progressives want to hear from you about Brad Miller

Bold Progressives has jumped on the idea Brad Miller might consider a run for Governor if encouraged. They have already mailed out a link to their members in North Carolina and I'd like to promote it here.

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Well said

You never know. This may be the exact perfect year for David and Goliath.

McCrory oozes big money and corporate influence. Brad is the polar opposite. A good guy who works for real people. In my view, Brad would be the conservative in this race: conserve America's wealth, conserve the intent of the Constitution to protect individual rights, conserve the environment, conserve resources.

And just to say it, heart wins over head in almost every aspect of human culture.

Go with it.

Brad Miller for Governor

Well said - and if there is dithering, the Reps. will take the advantage. Rep. Miller needs to announce asap and the party needs to get behind him and start fundraising for an exciting candidate that has already worked for the working people of NC. Every day of indecisiveness puts us on the backfoot.

We need progressive candidates

No matter who the Democrats run, they're going to receive the same treatment from the Reprivatecons (why is the word public part of their name when they're so vehemently opposed to anything public?). I say we run an actual progressive. Somebody like Shuler, who isn't even remotely liberal, will still be called liberal. Whenever we nominate somebody like that, we're actually reinforcing their stereotypes. We need an actual progressive like Miller.

Respectfully, this is type of thinking that caused

... the Democratic slaughter in 2010. Trying to mollify voters by going GOP-lite - yuck.

Across the political spectrum people were yearning for a populist voice, and the Tea Party (with horrid irony) filled that void in the summer of 2010.

Brad Miller could easily be a genuine 2012 populist voice.

"Progressives" shouldn't shy away from Miller or think someone's "too liberal" to win a given race just because that's what conventional wisdom says. CW is often upended (see: today).



which Progressives were discouraged from running? I would love to know specifics on this.

I can point you to a large number of mean spirited attacks on moderate Democrats that set a very negative tone for all Democrats in this state. I would argue this negativity was far more likely a contributing factor of the slaughter than any discouragement shown to unnamed progressive candidates.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I wish the left had enough influence

to set a tone.

That said, I agree about the risks of mean-spirited attacks. I've done my share, and not much good has come of it. Some of us train politicians who ignore us to ignore us even more.

I just wish I could ignore them.

And... my rough calculation there were 11 Senate races and 28 House races where Republicans ran unopposed. There's somewhere to start that's got nothing to do with what kind of Democrat ran. No Democrat ran.

Thanks for proving my point

The mindset of "that's too liberal to win here" is what I was criticizing.

That mindset was being applied to Brad Miller in this case.

In 2010, too many districts were left unopposed due to a similar mindset.

I'm arguing that the failure to pursue truly liberal policies after the 2008 elections is what caused the 2010 disaster.

Embracing what Miller represents is a good tonic for what ails the Democratic party generally.

That said, I'd rather have Miller somewhere other than the NC governor's mansion. He belongs in a place where can really impact the financial world.

Comptroller of the Currency, SEC, a similar post...


You have no idea why Democrats didn't run in those districts

How do you know moderates didn't file to run because they felt they would be attacked from the left and the right. You don't know that.

See....I don't think it was failing to pursue liberal policies that caused the 2010 disaster, I think it was pursuing liberal policies in a hateful, mean spirited, destructive way that contributed to our losses.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I don't know of any candidate who is afraid

of being attacked from or by the left, certainly not afraid enough to affect whatever decisions they might make.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say the left is largely irrelevant in NC politics, which is a sad commentary all around. This was true when the Democrats were controlling the General Assembly, just as its true now. Joe Hackney is the only person we've seen in leadership in Raleigh in my lifetime who represented positions most progressives want.

With regard to Larry, nothing coming from the left seems to have bothered him for one second. And in my view, he could have flattened almost any criticisms early on with a simple comment on one of a dozen posts here at BlueNC. Or he could have responded to several personal emails and phone calls. That didn't happen. He went dark on people who had busted their asses for him. Not acceptable in my book.

That conflict wasn't about liberal policies, it was about basic relationship management.

If you're not talking about Larry, I don't know who else has been on the receiving end of hard-nosed criticism, unless you mean Kay. There again, nothing I've observed suggests that she or anyone else is making decisions based on worries they might be criticized by the far left.

Of course, I could be completely out of the loop. No one checks with me about running for anything ... except maybe running for the door.

I wasn't being literally

hehe....I was just pointing out to usernamehere that we don't know why Dems didn't run...I'm just not as eloquent as Greg so I need to use zamples...

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I didn't prove your point

I guess since we don't really know why so many seats went unopposed it can be any reason you want it to be. But it can also be any reason I want it to be. There's also a difference between running candidates and running an agenda.

I do agree that Democrats laid low after 2008 and paid the price for that invisibility. Some of that blame can be laid at the feet of liberals. And, not running is the extreme invisibility. Any progressive worth his or her salt in these districts should run, even if it's to use the exposure to advance the issues. We can debate liberal/conservative candidates but not in races where they didn't run.

When the primary dust settles all Democrats should support the chosen candidate. There's a slight tendency in the Democratic Party to either walk away or to stick around and keep picking at sores. I think it's OK to talk about a spectrum of Democrats and to say that someone might be too liberal for a particular race. NC is generally conservative, with plenty of conservative Democrats. There's not going to be a liberal landslide in NC anytime soon. I think I've been through every county in NC. It's a wide and varied place and a lot different from possibly the most liberal precinct in the State and in Brad Miller's district where I currently live.

While I agree with much of what you are trying to say I don't think it's right to dismiss a valid observation as a "mindset", not the least because I know that's not how Betsy's mind works.

Thank you!

I was told recently I had lost my mind.....nice to see someone at least thinks I have one! There are days where I have doubts.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Well said! totally agree re higher level post- but he's

a perfect counter to McCrory's ALEC/RGA/AFP horror show. And maybe Miller as Gov could light a fire under AG Cooper's bottom and encourage him to take a page from Delaware AG Beau Biden, go after investigating the fraudulent practices of the "Too-Big-to-Fail" banks...

Has NC ever even had a chance

to vote for a real progressive for Gov? Maybe we would surprise you.

First we have to get one to file

then they have to make it out of the primary.....don't think it has happened yet

I'm not sure the Lt. Gov. race in 2008 gives us a good idea, but I think we had a progressive or two running in that race and Walter Dalton wasn't one of them.....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

When I think Brad Miller

I think progressive, but I also think good government, and community college advocate, and those are things I think could have crossover appeal to many independents.

On the other hand, if we end up with a conservadem, they might well be protested by occupiers and equality advocates alike. And Pat is incredibly popular among republicans, no conservadem can peel away that gop support.

Exciting the base, and turning out independents is where its at.

Only the real thing will do

Exactly. One point of view is that the best is the enemy of the good, but sometimes people will only settle for the best. Voting is a hassle to many, so without a compelling and proven populist vision in this climate of malaise, turnout will be lower. Miller isn't the most charismatic, but he has a history of being on the right side of the issues that are now front-and-center. He's an authentic reformer and that would be worth a lot to voters tired of being burned by cheap talk.

There really aren't any other candidates

who would make me happier, or get my full throated support. I would love to see Rep. Miller run for Governor. I have wanted the opportunity to vote for him for years.

Kirk Ross has a thoughtful analysis of the Miller opportunity

More good stuff here.

Maybe it was getting booed at a Carolina game or having to make the unemployment rate dropping below 10 percent seem like a harbinger of happy days ahead. Maybe it was the poll numbers, the impending announcement by Pat McCrory and having to listen to Skip Stam chortling about veto overrides. Or maybe someone from DC just said it’s over and she knew it was time to move on. Bev Perdue made the right choice. Fortunately, she went out swinging. If the remaining vetoes stand, she can claim to have held back some of the GOP’s legislative agenda. She’s held office in tough times. We’ll have no idea what she would have done had she a decent budget to work with.

I found this on Facebook where I saw a friend wishing out loud that Price had ceded to Miller, in order to start the next generation of leaders growing. I share that sentiment, but I've learned not to pretend like I know anything about why people do what they do.

Two years is not a very long time on one hand, but on the other, it's forever.

That is a nice writeup...

I have to admit I am actually just a little bit proud of Gov. Perdue for making this tough decision and I agree she did the best job possible with what she had to work with.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


The choice must of been tough, and I don't blame her one bit. The attacks have been relentless, with a new slam coming from McCrory even today after she pulled out.

I'm with you

I would hate to see a bloody primary

I would love to see the turnout a bloody primary would bring to the polls.....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I've reached out to Rep. Miller

and asked him to consider this opportunity. I see the opportunity as being for the people of North Carolina even more than for Brad Miller. Win/Win, bottom line

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Brad Miller on the radio 9 a.m.

On the Brad & Britt show, 101.1 FM. Unfortunately, I'm buried in work, so I won't be able to hear it. :(

any candidate the Democrats

any candidate the Democrats run will be accused of Socialism, liberalism, and other things which are actually good qualities but have been misappropriated. Whethet it's Miller or Bowles (let's hope not) or Dalton, they're all going to be painted in the same light. I say nominate an actual liberal like Miller(which there are far too few of in elected office) and show the public what liberals can actually do. I guarantee you if our elected officials who are called liberal actually were liberals, "liberal" would no longer have the negative connotations it does now.

Run, Brad, run!!

Run, Brad, run!!


Coming from the position of knowing next to nothing about most of the potential candidates, it looks like Miller has the support of several whose opinions I respect here. I also saw a reference to Brad being out front of the pack on Wall Street reform, an idea I think will be 'highly marketable' this year. So far it's looking like Brad Miller is the guy. We need a strong contrast to Pat's corporate weasel-ness , and Miller is definitely that.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail