BlueNC Pre-Union?

The Progressive Democrats of North Carolina are holding a Progressive Summit on Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4 at the Summit at Haw River State Park north of Greensboro. Go check out their website for more information and to register. I got this announcement last night from Pete McDowell who is president of the PDNC PAC. The main thing he said that caught my eye is this: There's a lot of interest in running a real progressive for Lieutenant Governor in 2008.

To be honest, I didn't even know there was an organization for progressive Democrats of North Carolina. But I like how they're thinking about election cycles. There's a fair chance that the governor in 2016 will be the person who's elected Lt Gov in 2008. No time like the present to get the conversation started. I don't know if I can attend - I'll have to reschedule some travel plans. Anybody else interested? Maybe we can have a BlueNC reunion, or whatever you call a meeting of people who know each other but have never met. Maybe a pre-union?

PS I'm off to NYC this afternoon and tomorrow, with not much time for blogging. As always, thanks for holding down the fort.


i'd be there if it wasnt for my cousin's wedding

And its an Italian one in NYC that weekend. Soo if someone would go, I guess you Anglico?, if they'd report back would be awesome! This is definitly something I would think Progressive NC Democrats would all attend regardless if its only small potatoes right now.

Thanks for the heads up!

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That sounds really interesting

I'm going to have to check with my social coordinator wife to see whether we have anything planned, but I like the sound of that. I'll know tomorrow whether I'm going. A friend of mine worked with this crowd in 2004, but left disenchanted. I can't recall why, exactly, and I'll try to find out.

I won't be able to attend

I think we're having an open house that weekend and Katie has all sorts of school ceremonies the following week.

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