BlueNC Candidate Interviews and Profiles

At we are profiling as many Democrats as possible before the November election. Some are willing to fill out questionnaires or sit through interviews. Today I'd like to post links to all of the profiles and interviews we have completed to date.

Those of you who are new to BlueNC are invited to participate. If you know a Democrat running for the NC House, NC Senate or US House and would like to complete a profile or interview please let us know in the comments. If there is a Democrat running for local office in your area and you would like to write a profile, please feel free. This is a huge job, but we want to reach as many Democrats as possible and give them an extra opportunity to get their names out there in a way that won't cost them a dime.

See the list below the fold...

The following are interviews and profiles that are completed.

U.S. House Interviews - Stay Tuned for upcoming interviews with Bill Glass, NC-09 and Mel Watt, NC-12

David Price Interview, NC - 04
All David Price posts

Roger Sharpe Interview, NC-05
All Roger Sharpe posts

Larry Kissell Interview, NC-08
All Larry Kissell posts

All Heath Shuler posts

All Brad Miller posts

N.C. Senate Interviews & Profiles

Robert Lee Holloman, NC Senate District 4

Sherry Altman, NC Senate District 12

Lyndon Helton, NC Senate District 42
also see Thanks Jerry for another look at Lyndon Helton

John Snow, District 50

N.C. House Interveiws & Profiles - Stay tuned for upcoming interview with Melanie Wade Goodwin

Howard J. Hunter, NC House District 5

Van Braxton, NC House District 10
Look for future interview
Gerald Galloway, NC House District 52
also see the profile of Gerald Galloway


More interviews and profiles on the way

It's really important to give the challengers some face and name time if we can get in touch with them. I got a late start on this. Next time I start the day after filing closes.

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You are the best SD!

It is important that these interviews are seen. I thank you and I'm sure all the candidates that were willing to participate thank you!

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