Bill Graham's camp already race baiting?

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I was stunned to read the following attack on Republican Gubernatorial candidate Fred Smith on the facebook group of Bill Graham's campaign:

Bad News for Fred Smith!

Fred was a registered Democrat from 1974-1995
He also voted in every Democratic primary during that time. On the 1980 Democrat Presidential Primary ballot was:

President Jimmy Carter
Sen. Edward Kennedy
Jerry Brown

The 1984 Democrat Presidential Primary ballot included Walter Mondale. The 1988 ballot was led by Michael Dukakis and the 1992 ballot was led by Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. The 1990 primary ballot included US Senate candidate Harvey Gantt.

So Fred, who did you vote for? Carter? Kennedy? Mondale?

There were tons of candidates for statewide office in North Carolina between 1974 and 1995, so why is Gantt the only one Graham's camp is singling out as potentially having been egregiously voted for by Smith?

This is blatant racism, and whether Graham himself authorizes this kind of commentary on his behalf or not, says a lot about where his support is coming from.

If Graham has a shred of credibility he will denounce these comments and separate anyone responsible for them from any formal position with his campaign.


im not sure

its race baiting, so much as saying that he voted against St Helms.

Personally, I think this is bad news for us. If Fred Smith was a Democrat as little as 12 years ago, what was wrong with our party? Or did he suffer some serious head trauma in the 90s that would justify his "conversion"?

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If voting against Helms is

If voting against Helms is the problem they could have complained about Jim Hunt in 1984 and John Ingram in 1978 too. Singling Gantt out, especially based on past GOP actions toward him, is highly suspect.

good point

very good point.

i would imagine this is 'latent' racism more than anything else. similar to referring to all latino immigrants as "illegal mexicans". some people dont even realize how racist they sound.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

none of which is

an excuse. just counter arguments.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Good catch

Seems totally intentional to me. If he wanted to bask in the glory of Helms, he would have led with that. This is a "divide 'em up" strategy, pure and simple.

But hey, let 'em rip each other to shreds. Go Bill! Smack down that flip-flopping developer. Punch him back, Fred!

Yes, should make it clear I

Yes, should make it clear I certainly don't feel sorry for Smith getting attacked! But there's plenty of stuff to attack him for without resorting to this kind of thing.

I knew what you meant

It was clear. I was just jumping for joy at the slug-fest coming. Don't want to have all the fireworks on the Democratic side of the aisle.