Betsy J. Wolfenden seeks relief in NC Supreme Court on 08/17/10

Betsy J. Wolfenden petitions the North Carolina Supreme Court for stay pending her appeal.


NC Supremes soon to join vast 15-B conspiracy

I'm just SHOCKED to see you accuse counsel for the Bar of unethical conduct in the Bar hearing. I'm guessing you do not see the irony in consistently accusing everyone who crosses your path of ethical shortcomings while simultaneously blaming the vast 15-B conspiracy for all of the "baseless" allegations of ethical violations on your part. Of course, those "baseless" allegations have now gotten you disbarred but why abandon such an effective tactic when it's worked so well for you?

And I love the new argument! The Bar had an obligation to disclose prior PROPOSED discipline to the DHC? Proposed discipline that you rejected? Surely, in light of your disbarment, you must admit that your rejection of three proposed reprimands and one censure in November, 2008 wasn't the best decision on your part? (Rhetorical question -- don't answer -- I'm sure I know the answer.)

I've noticed that you haven't posted a copy of the Bar's disciplinary order, despite posting other materials. If you really wanted to persuade some of the non-tin-foil hat crowd, it would be nice to hear you address the substance of the violations in the order and what you have to say about them. (I don't believe I'm the first on this blog to request such.) There's quite a few things in the disciplinary order that can't be explained away with your usual excuse of persecution from the vast 15-B conspiracy.

For the benefit of your readers, here's a link to your disciplinary order:

Still waiting on your "not mentally ill" report . . .


You don't even inform your readers that your writ to the Supremes for a stay was denied?