Beach thread

I am heading to the beach for my first non-blogging vacation in four years. I will return on Saturday. Sure, I might pop in if I find somewhere with internet, but I doubt I'll go driving around looking for that spot. This was a surprise trip, so I spent much of yesterday scrambling to make sure our pet sitter was all lined up.

You are in capable hands...although most of them don't know it yet. I still haven't sent all my emails. I don't think the world will come to an end of both James and I are gone.

Gregflynn, usernamehere, LoftT, Funluvn and Jerimee will be taking care of the front page and OrganicGeorge has offered to help out moderating comments. Thanks to all of you for holding down the fort.

Y'all have fun and don't start any new revolutions without me.



Enjoy your vacation, Betsy!

Seafood, eat seafood!

Only 35 more days until we FINALLY get out of town and head to the beach ourselves.

Relax and don't worry about us. We will try not to break the blog while you're gone....


North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

"Break the blog" sound like a great band name

but not something we want to happen.

We'll try to survive without you, Betsy.

Just don't go building any terminal groins while you're at the beach. If you did, THEN we'd have to blog about you!


Enjoy the vacation! I am

Enjoy the vacation! I am ready for one myself - flying to NYC in October I believe.

Illusions of poverty - NC GOP style

Good grief.

Recent tweet from Rep. Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg):

ILLUSION 2: $100,000 income family is a "high wage" earner. Ask a husband & wife with 3 kids, a mortgage, and bills if they feel rich.

So Rep. Tillis thinks $100,000 income is "low wage"?

Where does the GOP find these people?

Would that I could be a "low wage" earner in Thom Tillis fantasyland...

Rep. Tillis, pray tell just what is a high wage earner?


I'll be in and out

for a few more weeks, as I'm in class for 11 hours a day plus homework. Tired. ;)