BBC proves that the recession is actually a depression

OK let's review. Last Spring, Bush said their was no recession. This summer, 'a few bumps in the road' - this fall, "Stormy weather", now, well their might be a depression, but my tax break will fix it.
My opinion of these changes reflect that there is indeed a serious recession and possible depression occurring, but our news media doesn't cover the issues.
At least BBC has covered the newest element of our spiraling economy - Bush's own 'Hoovervilles' are here.
If you remember your high school social studies class, or have seen "Cinderella Man" you have seen shanty villages in our past that were a part of the Great Depression.
This piece by the BBC shows that they are back, this time due to the Mortgage meltdown in the housing market.

My concerns about this are twofold. One, why is our media silent on this alarming issue? Two, what are Bush's 'contingency plans' for a disruptive segment of society?

Either way, I can't wait for a new administration to take charge and start another New Deal of sorts. And, that should not include someone who lobbied for NAFTA as a good thing for our economy.


Not far away

is a "resort" campground. Well, it used to be. Recently, it's been a temp home to lots of worker types who travel from far away for work. Now from someone who knows, it's a place where those who have lost homes are turning. And it gets worse. It's a place where people are sleeping in cars. It's a depression already for lots of folks and for all of us soon.
Why do you call it "a disruptive segment of society?"