Baptist men

Having been raised a Southern Baptist, I have a love-hate relationship with all things religious. But when I see things like this, it does my heart good.

Thanks to voluteers, a new home is going up on Myrtle Street amid the destruction at Point Cadet.

The North Carolina Baptist Men are building the new house for Curtis Lopez and his family. Lopez is a Biloxi fireman who was chosen by the CBS Morning Show to receive a brand new house.

Georgia-Pacific donated most of the materials and the Baptist men from North Carolina are providing the volunteer labor. That group of men has committed to build some 600 homes along the Mississippi Gulf Coast over the next two years.

"It's busy, a lot to be done here. A lot of stories that's just unbelievable. The tragedy and losses of life and property. Just so many people having so many needs. Just unbelievable," North Carolina volunteer Greg Riggs said.

The North Carolina Baptist men have more than 400 volunteers working along the coast. They've already finished building some 80 houses.

I don't know much about the the Baptist Men and I know they have ulterior motives . . . but whoever they . . . are God bless 'em for doing this.