Attack on Price from the lunatic fringe

NC Freedom put this video together after we attending this debate. Price is so out of touch with the American people, it was pathetic. I’m still laughing from his liberal progressive moonbat responses. I also will show no mercy until we get these communist voted out of office.

Randy’s Right

Credits to

David DeGerolamo

Founder of NC Freedom

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English please?

As someone who has English as a SECOND language it always greatly amuses me to see right-wing loonies, who are all up in arms against "them Mexicans", using bad English grammar and spelling. I have an excuse. What do they have?

Chuckle, the attack on Price

Chuckle, the attack on Price came out of his own mouth in his own words. I even posted the entire debate for every to view. My mother ans sisters have been life long democrats, they have since changed to independents. The Democrat Party is no longer what it used to be, it's now consider the Communist Democratic Party. Though Republicans are not much better. I watch the Burr debate on UNC TV against his opponent, neither of them have a clue.