Asheville Drinking Liberally: Heath Shuler?

If you've been watching Scrutiny Hooligans, you know that it's become a hub for the Heath Shuler/Charles Taylor race in North Carolina's eleventh district. You've seen the details of Charles 'Delaybramoff' Taylor's duplicitous character from the forest selloff to the Signatures Dinner to Flight 93. But you haven't seen much about his challenger, Waynesville's Heath Shuler.

This Thursday it's time for another episode of Drinking Liberally, that weekly conglomeration of liberal booze hounds, progressive winos, and democratic guzzlers, We will gather again at downtown Asheville's Jack of the Wood from 7-10p.m. for a open session on the policies, philosophy, and politics of Heath Shuler.

He's for health care for all Americans, and he's against gay marriage. He's for a fully funded public education system, and he's against a woman's right to choose. He's for strong worker protections, and he's against gun control. He's for environmental protection, and he's against a liberal immigration policy.

He's a real puzzle and problem for many Asheville liberals and single-issue voters. He's a damned pot of gold when compared to the putrescent Taylor, but he's no progressive. How will you square your liberal values with this social conservative? How can you support the policy areas you agree with, fight against the policy areas you disagree with, and still vigorously support the campaign for Democratic majority in the U.S. Congress?

Shuler's raising a lot of money, leading in the most recent poll, and attracting the interest of national political watchers. The NC-11 was recently declared the 16th hottest race in the nation. Heath Shuler is exciting many moderate Democrats and Republicans across the district and the nation. But will he win the support of the liberal community?

It's been said, not least often by me, that Democrats want to fall in love with their candidates while the Republicans just fall in line.

So come out to Jack of the Wood where Drinking Liberally will scrutinize the Democratic candidate for Congress in NC-11, Heath Shuler. Everyone's welcome to this uber-casual political klatsch, where you can have the conversations you're not having anywhere else.


Screwy!..You vote my Proxy!

Screwy…As I cant be there I give you full authority and permission to vote for me by proxy!

Also let it be known during the great debates which shall certainly ensue from this is that Shuler is probably as honest and honorable as they come! When we opened my Veterans Office my Dad,now 87, came down town just to get to see Heath! He and Heath talked for quite
a while. Of course Dad being the local football historian remembers every pass Heath ever threw And every touchdown he made.

Well, to say the least I think they impressed each other! I haven't
seen my dad this worked up about a canadate in possibly 20 years or more. And of course ,it go’s without saying ,Heath WILL remember those of us who are Veterans and not sell us out as the others have over the years! You can tell folks they have my word on that and I will stake my reputation on it!

Dad has always told me ,and mostly lived by the old code of how a man shakes your hand and if he will look you in the eye when it comes to politics. As you and I both know Heath does look you eye to eye when talking so he isn’t hideing anything or lying to us.

But Damn Screwy!, If Dad didn’t come close to giving me a heart attack when I went and checked in on him & Mom that afternoon! I walked in and he go’s real serious like, Son, I want to talk to you a minute about Heath. I think to myself ,Oh Crap, What have we done to tick off this lifelong old dem now! I actually thought about calling Hayden for some backup!

Dad Says, Son ,I know this much about Heath right here & now! He’s not lying cause he can stare down a Lion but Dang! I'm never shaking hands with him again!!!! This is where I about fell over reaching for the cell phone to call backup!

He looks back up at me and smiles real big and says, He’s honest as the day is long and has my support! Well, I got my breath back and asked “What's Wrong Then”? He simply replied , Dang if he don’t have a grip, In 68 years of meeting politicians I have never met one like Heath! I thought he was going to break my hand!!!!

While I’m on this subject I just want the folks to know something. Heath has a great staff also. Bryan,Myrna & Andrew are really great people and good friends.

As for his campaign manager Hayden. Well, I cant say enough good things about him. I know this much. Hayden was my 21 yr old sons football coach when he worked for the school system. My son turned out pretty darned good . Mainly because of the influence Hayden had on him. These are some really great people and Heath deserves to win by a landslide! Dan


Most North Carolina liberals I know aren't the model California liberal. I rarely meet someone who doesn't have at least one issue where we differ. The fact is, Heath Shuler is probably a closer model of the core constituency in that area than other more progressive candidates would be. He is a representative of the people, not of the liberal people. That's how I look at it and that is how I justify supporting someone that I don't agree with 100%. This is not choosing between the lesser of two evils. Heath Shuler is honest. Charles Taylor is not. Heath is not saying one thing to get votes and just to change tunes once in Washington.

I would certainly vote for him. And if I wasn't reserving every spare penny for Larry Kissell, I'd support him with a contribution.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.