Asheville to be redrawn out of NC-11?

It seems the GOP is reconsidering redrawing the NC-11th to exclude Asheville, according to this report in the AC-T.

But 11th District Democratic Chairman Luke Hyde said he doubted whether any final Republican proposal would cut out Asheville.

“They will probably do what we as Democrats have done for years — redistrict to their advantage, if they can … But people in the other party are not oblivious to geography, no oblivious to logic,” Hyde said.

I guess Luke is too diplomatic to state that the GOP "leadership" in Raleigh is oblivious to anything but The Word of the Pope.


Good question!

For better or worse, he fared well last November despite the GOP onslaught. Losing the liberal enclave in Asheville probably would not hurt his re-election chances very much, as he has appeal to a lot of the moderate Republicans -- especially west of Asheville.

Besides that, I'm not sure there is a Republican with enough name recognition -- again especially west of Asheville -- to mount a credible challenge. Tom Apodaca might be one exception, but as time moves on I believe that he, Jim Davis, Ralph Hise, and the rest will be tied to the consequences of the radical GOP agenda in Raleigh.

There is also the possibility of a backlash from mountain folks whose district has been more or less contiguous from Buncombe County west for several redistricting cycles. I think that was part of Joe Sam Queen's success in his first bid for the NC-47 Senate seat, in the half-doughnut district that was specifically carved out for the GOP.

Then again, I'm an engineer, so I don't know Jack...


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