I brought this over from my Vet's blog and re-worded it to work here. Dan Why do active Democrats drop out completely or become inactive members of the Party?? What happens is a dirty 6 letter word - APATHY. APATHY means a lack of emotion, a lack of interest, i.e. "I don't care, I'm not interested, I really don't give a !@#$%^&*%." We have all heard the excuses: * "I do not know any one old enough to go to try & register, so I'm not interested. " * "I only care about baseball. " * "I have no children at home; I don't care to work with children and youth." * "I don't like to voluenteer! I don't care about the serving on a Committee." * "I don't like to work outside; I won't help with the fund raiser." * "I'm still mad about (something) that happened (sometime ago) caused by (some current or past member of this Party or some other District) so I'm not going to do anything! APATHY spreads likes a cancer, and is what kills a party. It has happened before, and it can again. This is what we have to avoid. Membership recruitment into the party gets more challenging as time goes on. So it is now time to ask the younger vets to join. It is now time to ask the Voters, Young & old, Veteran & non- Veteran and explain what is at stake! Ask if they have transportation to the polls, are they Registered, do they know who is running and what they stand for! If we are to grow in the 21st Century it is no longer a question of does the party want these younger & older Voters, the need for these Voters is now imperative. How do we accomplish this feat? By working Together as one unifed force!


That's why the DC Republicans are jumping

back on judicial nominations again. They're itching for some filibuster fights that will get their disenchanted base back to foaming at the mouth.