Anti-abortion nut-job David Benham sues Charlotte over arrest

Women's rights are Trumped these days:

The Alliance Defending Freedom said Saturday it filed the lawsuit in federal court in Charlotte on behalf of protester David Benham and two antiabortion groups.

Benham is one of several protesters who were arrested April 4 outside A Preferred Women's Health Center in Charlotte after authorities say the protest exceeded the 10-person limit imposed under a joint proclamation by the city and Mecklenburg County.

David is one of the unholy offspring of Flip Benham, who tried to get abortion doctors killed by vigilantes ten years ago:

Benham was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to stay 300 feet away from clinics where abortions are performed. He says he's being prosecuted because he opposes abortion. But a doctor who was the subject of one of the "wanted" posters told the court he felt the posters were “a call for his murder.”

Benham was also ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from the doctor's home. The anti-abortion group distributed the materials at the doctor's house, in his neighborhood and at his offices.

Abortion rights groups say the posters are linked to violence against doctors. They say some doctors targeted in the 1990's were killed after "wanted" posters surfaced and they're calling for federal charges to be filed against Benham and others who continue to distribute the posters.

You can say one thing about this pandemic: it sure is bringing out the nutters and haters.



Don't know if that picture

is of the recent arrest, or a previous one. Of course only a white dude could get away with multiple arrests and stay out of jail, especially if he is a Born Again (TM) Christian (TM).

The Alliance Defending Freedom

The ADF is an organization that defends just about any right-wing nutcase with an ax to grind. They previously defended Kentucky clerk Kim Davis that refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Kentucky, resulting in months of needless and frivolous litigation for everyone involved. They also work closely with other groups, like the Liberty Counsel, which is a legal organization connected with Jerry Falwell, Jr.

It's not like he can even make that claim...

of abridging his 1st Amendment right to protest with any legitimacy. He could have done his protest just fine...if he'd only shown up with just nine other protesters (or even just by himself.) They could have rotated out during the day with others and everyone could have protested without violating the 10-person limit. But obeying the law is entirely too burdensome for a self-righteous nut-job like Benham. I hope the judge throws the book at him, but (as you say) he's a "good Christian" so he'll probably get off with the lightest possible slap on the wrist.