Another reason to support David Parker

One other reason why I like David Parker and am not impressed by the depth of experience in most of the other candidates.

I was trying to remember another sports analogy, and then remembered the best one didn't even come - strictly-speaking - from sports. It came from The Godfather.

When discussing whether or not to let the civilian Michael Corleone meet with Virgil Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey, Hagen asked if it had to be Mike:

Sonny said softly, "I could do it."

Hagen shook his head impatiently, "Sollozzo wouldn't let you get within a mile of him if he had ten police captains. And besides you're the head of the Family, You can't be risked." Hagen paused and said to Clemenza and Tessio, "Do either one of you have a top button man, someone really special, who would take on this job? He wouldn't have to worry about money for the rest of his life."

Clemenza spoke first. "Nobody that Sollozzo wouldn't know, he'd catch on right away. He'd catch on if me or Tessio went too."

Hagen said. "What about somebody really tough who hasn't made his rep yet, a good rookie?"

Both caporegimes shook their heads. Tessio smiled to take the sting out of his words and said, "That's like bringing a guy up from the minors to pitch the World Series."

Michael had no rep as a tough guy in the Families, but he was a Marine officer and a war hero. The specific act of heroism was never mentioned, but in Godfather II he had received a Navy Cross - second only to the Medal of Honor. Of course this is only a work of fiction, but if we are trying to create reasons for elevating people with little to no actual relevant experience in the Democratic Party, I thought I would bring this up.

Do we really want guys (or gals) from the minors to pitch the World Series?


Yes, "we" do. Especially

Yes, "we" do. Especially when someone from the "minors" is smarter than all three of the potential chairs, Parker included.
If y'all would work to demystify the process of getting involved, more folks would have more of the experience you all talk about. I want to see progress, and I don't want it the leadership to be clouded by "did he know, didn't he know" blah, blah, blah. There is zero room to have to even think if your party chair is honest or not. Want to lose in November? Keep it the same.
Want to win? Give someone else a shot. Be not afraid of "inexperience". Sometimes it's exactly what is needed to breathe new life into something AND encourage young folks to get involved.
Let's have someone with an incredible amount of vision, someone who isn't doing this for themselves, and someone who has the fire in the belly to see this through.
More of the same is NOT what most of us want for NC.
We need inspiration. We need energy. We need vision.
We need Frank Eaton.

How about Watt Jones

After all....
All we here ia "We need transparency"!!!!

Watt did a fabulous job turning the lights pun intended.