Another outraged electric customer thanks to Wilson and ElectriCities

Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 10:36 AM

Electric co-op would be better for consumers

As a concerned and disturbed citizen of Wilson over my ridiculously high electric bill, I have these questions. Are we to accept these outrageous utility bills with no recourse? Do we have no voice in how to obtain our utility services?

I have spoken with several people from other counties in North Carolina, and they have co-ops which provide their utilities. Their bills are considerably less than what we are paying and they have larger homes than myself. Do we as citizens not have any way to start a co-op for our utilities?

If you have any idea how to do this, why don't we have a town meeting to discuss our options. If you are tired of paying these outrageous high utility bills, speak up, write, e-mail, do anything you know to get us out of this system!

Jeanie Lafferty

Boyette Drive


Great questions

Too bad Electricities doesn't have decent answers.

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