Another Local State Republican caught Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Scam " Stram"?

September 5, 2007
A stunning story about Steve Arnold

Guilford County Commissioner Steve Arnold has been having business problems for years, but today's news is stunning. And sad.

There might be gloating in some quarters. After all, politics can be rough-and-tumble around here. Lots of people don't like Arnold's brand of conservatism.

But I hope his critics refrain. Let's keep things in perspective.

Arnold isn't charged with public corruption. He wasn't caught toe-tapping in an airport bathroom.

For more than 20 years, Arnold has been a conscientious and honorable elected official -- as a High Point city councilman, state representative and, since 1990, as a county commissioner. He was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in 1996. He's always been popular in his district, if not so much with some of his political adversaries on the board of commissioners.

All that said, I'm sure that Judge John O. Craig III, a fellow High Pointer, wouldn't declare Arnold in contempt of court and order his arrest without a very good reason. It looks like Arnold has made some serious mistakes. Maybe it will be best for him to resign his seat on the board of commissioners to devote himself to straightening out this mess, but it's hard for anyone but Arnold to make that call right now. The rest of us should hold off from making more assumptions and judgments than the available facts support.

I hope Arnold can fix his problems and work his way out of trouble. He's not someone I could imagine going to jail for any reason.

Posted by Doug Clark