Anglico's Hypocrisy Regarding Beverly Perdue

[Note by SD - This diarist shares an IP address with two others who have posted inflammatory content without responding to the community or our questions. It appears to be part of a coordinated effort. Please see this post for further information.]

Anglico recently posted a piece on the 2008 North Carolina gubernatorial race that likened State Treasurer Richard Moore to Art Pope and George W. Bush. He also gave a backhanded endorsement to Bev Perdue saying "She's also the go-to choice for those of us who are sick of being subjugated to the politics of white old rich men. I hate that Perdue voted for the goddamned lottery, but I need to get over it. She's going to be the next governor."

Unfortunately, Anglico neglected to offer readers a number of important facts that might have colored his judgment.

1. Anglico is Jim Protzman, an executive for the Raleigh P.R. firm, CapStrat. He is listed as one of six members of the CapStrat "leadership team." His title is "Strategy Director."

2. CapStrat is the firm that produced the first NC Cash TV ads. They also produced those little fliers that Jim's wife got in the mail. Surely, as Strategy Director of a firm with 50 employees, Anglico was aware of this contract.

3. Capstrat was not selected to do the most recent round of NC Cash TV ads, which were subsequently done by another firm.

4. CapStrat does have the contract to do all of the ads for the "TRU" teen anti-smoking ads. These ads are funded by the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund. The state is spending more than $7 million on this ad campaign according to the HWTF 2005 annual report.

5. CapStrat also lists the "Fit Together Initiative" as a client. This initiative is a joint project between Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Health and Wellness Trust Fund. The size of this contract is unclear.

6. Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue is chairwoman of the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund. As such, all staff report to her and she has signficant power over all spending decisions--including media hiring.

7. Anglico and his wife have already donated $5000 ($2000 from him, $3000 from her) to Beverly Perdue's campaign in the last year. That seems like a lot of money for someone who "needs to get over it" and "hates that Perdue voted for the lottery." In fact, Anglico's donation to Perdue was made almost a year ago, just six months after Perdue cast the deciding lottery vote. Was he not over it when he wrote a $2000 check? If not, why did he write it?

8. Do you really think Anglico would be bashing Richard Moore if the NC Cash contract was still with CapStrat? Do you really think he is an objective observer on this issue given his (conveniently undisclosed) ongoing and significant business relationship with Beverly Perdue? Is it really appropriate for him to comment on this race? Think about all the state contracts CapStrat could get if Beverly Perdue became Governor when you answer these questions.....



For someone interested in disclosure, it's interesting that you hide behind an alias. What are you afraid of?

For the permanent record:

I am not involved in the day-to-day running of the company I work for. I didn't even know the firm was involved with NC Cash - nor did I know another agency was now handling that work. But if I had, it wouldn't have changed what I said one bit. I'm an equal opportunity critic - and I routinely challenge the actions of many large corporations, including several clients of the company I work for. As you have no doubt observed, I spend FAR more time blogging than I do as a part-time employee.

Regarding my support for Perdue, I have concluded that she's the best person for the job. I don't like how she voted on the lottery and everyone who knows me knows that. I'm STILL not over it, but neither am I a single-issue voter. Perdue is the strongest advocate for environmental sanity to have a shot at the governor's office in a long time. That's my number one issue.

You are free to point out anything factual about me anytime you want. But the next time you come around here implying that I use political contributions the way Republicans do, I will block you from this site, at the very least.

I don't know who you are, but I do know this: You are cut from the same piece of rotten wood as other Puppets who can't manage to criticize me without talking about my company and my wife.

In other words, you are a coward.

You hadn't posted when I wrote my missive

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I love your missive.

I hadn't figured the hypocrisy angle. Coward was all I could see.

This person calls me "Jim." It's probably the Stagemanager or one of his lackeys.

Pretty funny, actually.

Not college.

In college, I was "Protz."

Before and after that, people called me "Jim" for most of my life. Only in the past two years (since I've become a crotchety old man) have I started going by my given name, which is James.

Hood has referred to me as "Jim" in all of his responses here. It's part of his arrogance, which he hopes will offset my nickname for him: Stagemanager in the Art Pope Puppet Show.

Honestly? I'd much rather have the Puppets attacking me than doing more damage to our state and our country. Puppetmasters don't like it when little people get in the way of their "multi-million-dollar opinion-manufacturing" machines. That's why the flunkies are out in full force.

Like I said, it's kind of funny.

Cowards is the standard that the Pope Puppets love to do

In other words, you are a coward.* A

Yeah Demosthenes! And not only that, you write with POPE pebbles in your keyboard. No wonder your Pope puppet brains rattle on the Net.


What's the big deal? Everybody here knows that the FEC records are public. And what is wrong with supporting Beverly Perdue? She is here today to support Rick Glazier. I hope she is the next governor.


I know Anglico well enough to say

that the picture of Richard Moore on the NC cash fliers is something he would criticize in other circumstances. I imagine the fliers would be a bit classier if Capstrat had been responsible for them.

Actually, on many threads, in comments and in conversations Anglico has been more than open about the fact that he gives contributions to many candidates on the local, state and national level. He gives generously and comments on all those races, so yes, I think he's qualified to speak about candidates he gives large sums of money to.

As far as having government contracts, some companies simply have them. Some do not. These are a matter of public record and you obviously were able to find them. I'm actually more impressed with James knowing what you've disclosed. Before your post I thought he was just another hack/writer wannabe. Now, I see how successful he is at what he does and I will believe every word he says. I will follow him around and wait for his every utterance. I will chant his name like a mantra. James James James

You on the other hand signed up just a little over an hour ago for the sole purpose of writing this and you are hiding behind a userid that doesn't allow emails and you've added no personal information. In other words, you are the hypocrite. James discloses his name in his contact information. He doesn't have anything to hide. You apparently do not have the balls or the ovaries to make your attack under your own name. How pathetic is that?

My name is Betsy Muse, btw. I have no government contracts, give no large contributions to anyone and look forward to the 2008 elections - especially if I decide to support someone other than Perdue. James and I might have a bit of fun.

Now if you'll excuse me....I have a mantra to chant.

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Our intrepid reporter...

fails to connect all the dots. Who would you hire to run a Democratic-planned initiative? A Democrat who believes in said plan, or a Republican that is against it, but doesn't mind taking your money?

Ken Eudy CEO

One of the founders of Capstrat, Ken lends strategic communications counsel for a variety of clients including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund, ACS, RBC Centura and the University of North Carolina.

He spent six years as a TV news correspondent for stations in Raleigh and Charlotte, and six years as chief political writer for The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina's largest newspaper. In 1987-1988, Ken was executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party. He was also senior vice president of public relations at FGI.

Ken has been ranked among the 20 most influential lobbyists in North Carolina. In 2002, he was inducted into the North Carolina Public Relations Hall of Fame.

For 10 years, Ken taught Writing for the Media as visiting lecturer at Duke University. He received his B.A. in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He serves in numerous civic local and state civic roles.

Capstrat is obviously good at what they do, and they obviously have connections. Now, if our intrepid reporter can show that Capstrat received improper contracts based on WHO they are instead of WHAT they do, so be it. I hate the corruption that is no-bid contracts to Dick Cheney's former company for billions, no-bid contracts for the Chapel Hill town manager search process, and I would hate it if it happened at Capstrat.

Lord knows, Jim Black has proven that the Democratic Party is NOT without its skeletons.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Since when does

making a campaign contribution disqualify anyone from commenting on a race? If that were the standard, there would be no such thing as Blue NC.

As for objectivity: We're not a newspaper, We're a blog. And we are openly opinionated. That's the point.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies

re: demosthenes comments

I'm going to have to dive into this.

I always pictured the posters here to be fuzzy haired Harry Potter die-hards living in Carrboro. I'm delightfully surprised to find out that they are actually well plugged into the political system and have a decent amount of influence (and some $$$$ to contribute, too.)

So what if Anglico's firm is connected to Perdue? He shouldn't have to disclose all the active state contracts he is involved everytime he wants to advocate for something. Do I need to post my tax return at the end of every post I make?

I'm sick of the lame whiners on DailyKOS and other lefty blogs that are all talk. Anglico put his money where his mouth is and that stuff makes the political world go 'round.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks Bayou.

I wish I did have some hair (fuzzy would be fine) ... and some influence ... but both are in short supply these days.

Now about that tax return . . . .


My hair is straight

but I am a Harry Potter die-hard with no money and no influence. Damn.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I think most of us are nickel and dimers...

but we hope this blog leads more of us to get out on the streets when it counts. At least, that is what I hope.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

more on this

I was discussing this today with a contrarian friend of mine. Her view was that a newspaper discloses who it has financial interests in when reporting a story. Her position is that Anglico should have reported that he has made contributions and that Perdue is someone who is currently using his firm (albeit in a state capacity.)

Personally, I feel that the beauty of blogging is that you don't have to show your cards but can state your opinions regardless of your financial interests.

My friend also wants to know: is there any financial value in a blog post in support of a candidate? Should it be reported to the secretary of state? Any thoughts?

Not sure about the newspaper analogy

The N&O routinely runs stories, both positive and negative, about many different companies. For example, they slam Duke Energy one day, laud it the next, but they don't hesitate to take advertising when the company is willing to place it in their pages. Do they have a financial interest in their relationship with Duke Energy? I think so. Do they report it in their stories?

They also accept advertising from candidates, some of whom they eventually endorse. Does that coincidence set up the need for disclosure in any individual story?

Of course, blogging is nothing like the newspaper business. I wear my loyalties on my sleeve and my biases are right up front for anyone to see. I make no pretense about objectivity and enjoy no privileges that I'm aware of.

All the same, I'm about as transparent a blogger as I know of. I use a screen name (Anglico is a unit I was assigned to at Camp Lejeune: Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company) but anyone can click on my name anytime they want or Google me and find out more than I probably know about myself. They can also search the Internets to see every contribution I've ever made to candidates.

If a blog entry in support of a candidate has financial value, then so does placing a sign in your yard or sporting a bumpersticker. Or for that matter, telling a friend who you're voting for! It's hard to imagine a world in which those kinds of activities would have to be reported.

Interesting questions.

2 things

The only way that financial obligations matter is if they affect the comments. Maybe I missed something, but Anglico was pretty much saying that he did not like the ability of all public officials to do what Moore had done. Its a standard move by those in council of state positions, and a move that he clearly disagrees with. That position has nothing to do with any of his financial interests.

As to the question of reporting blog posts, its been pretty clearly stated that newspapers and the internet do not need to be reported.

"Keep the Faith"

to clarify

Before Stagemaster/Puppet or whoever says something... When Anglico got upset at John Hood it was because he was "reporting" upon the man who pays his salary. Anglico himself was giving an opinion about 2 people, neither of whom he has ever been employed by (as far as I know).

"Keep the Faith"

My response to the day's postings

1. First, a genuine thanks to all of the people who responded and the folks here at BlueNC. I suspected that my post might be removed and appreciate your commitment to free and open discussion (Anglico's threat to "block you from this site, at the very least" did leave me wondering what else he was implying, but things seem to have cooled down.)

2. Anglico/James, I apologize for referring to you as Jim. That's what I get for using John Hood as a source--I should have known better. (I know many of you might find it hard to believe, but I actually think Hood/Pope/Hawke/etc. are awful too).

3. Anglico, I must admit I find it hard to believe that you, as strategy director, have no knowledge of the clients that your firm works for (you actually only denied knowing that CapStrat had the Treasurer's office as a client, so can I assume you were aware of the Lieutenant Governor's business relationship with CapStrat?). Regardless, this is a pointless part of the argument because it can't be proven--we can do nothing more than say "yes you do" and "no I don't."

4. I did make one error in my post--the lottery bill passed the House in April, 2005. It passed the Senate in August of 2005. Many people have commented on my point regarding Anglico's contribution to Perdue--I have no problem with the contribution itself. In general I have no problem with Anglico's or anyone else's campaign contributions. He has also made a generous contribution to Larry Kissell and many other worthy candidates and advocacy groups. I think that is great.

I simply thought that Anglico's original post was disingenuous in stating that he was still doing his best to get over Perdue's lottery vote, and to come around to supporting her when he wrote her a large check almost a year ago (and just three months after that vote).

5. Anglico insinuated that I somehow attacked his wife. The only mention I made of her was that she had also contributed to Beverly Perdue. I did not think this was an insult and apologize if it was construed as such. I respect your desire to keep her out of it and this will be my last mention of her.

6. Much has been said about my cowardice and hypocrisy for remaining anonymous. My only response is one that many of you will find suspicous or lacking -- for professional reasons I cannot reveal my identity. My choices as I see them are: remain anonymous and speak vs. don't speak. (Quitting my current job is not an option for me at this point). I choose to speak and accept that my anonymity might diminish the power of my words.

7. I don't know why Mr. Eudy of CapStrat being a Democrat was somehow deemed relevant, but thought it was subsequently worth noting that the firm works hard to be "bi-partisan." According to their site, another executive, John Peterson, worked on the Bush/Quayle campaign in 1992 and worked for Jack Kemp prior to that. They also recently hired Elizabeth Dole's Chief of Staff, Frank Hill, as a managing director. I get the impression that CapStrat is about business, not partisan warfare.

8. The main thrust of my post was that Anglico's employer has a history of significant financial dealings with the Lieutenant Governor and State Treasurer. I particularly thought that the status of and history behind these contracts might color his opinion of the officeholders. Ultimately, I felt that was relevant information that should be disclosed to readers. I admittedly sought to provoke, but wanted to do so in a respectful way--hence the sincere apologies throughout this post.

9. I look forward to reading your responses.

How to win friends and cowards with influuence?

but I am a Harry Potter die-hard with no money and no influence. Damn.*SD

Then rush out and buy one of John Hood thoughts on Harry Potter and his agenda with witches for Bush.

By buying John's record selling books on cult worship, you will be ready to join the Art Pope Conservative Harry Club with influence and still no money...Dang! screw again

6. Much has been said about my cowardice and hypocrisy for remaining anonymous. My only response is one that many of you will find suspicous or lacking -- for professional reasons I cannot reveal my identity. My choices as I see them are: remain anonymous and speak vs. don't speak. (Quitting my current job is not an option for me at this point). I choose to speak and accept that my anonymity might diminish the power of my words.* demosthenes

Gee! What you are really saying that you are not ready to lay it on line like Anglico with your anonymity. Somehow that still makes you coward.

I stand by my original response

Your anonymity does indeed diminish the power of your words. All the way down to zero. Sorry, but I have nothing more to say to you.

Thank you for responding

It is a lot nicer than posting and running.

I understand having to remain anonymous. Though it seriously limits your credibility. I can be Googled, Anglico can be Googled, Lance and Robert post under their names...but each of us worked hard to build our credibility. It's possible to do that as an anonymous poster, but it does take time.

James will take just as much as he dishes. He's openly drawn the fire so we can blog in peace. He's a respected member of this community and if you plan to go on the offensive, you might want to reconsider your approach next time. It's a lot easier to swallow being criticized or attacked or challenged when the other person isn't hiding safely behind their anonymity.

Trust me, we welcome lively debate. Singing to the choir can be fun, but there's nothing like a solid bit of back and forth to spice things up.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

All speech is vain and empty unless it be accompanied by action

Anglico is obviously someone who puts his money where his mouth is, unlike the rest of us who seem to put our feet where our mouths are.

Given the wide range of activities that the Lt Governor is involved in and the number of people that share in the decision making it is ridiculous to endow her with powers of omnipotence in hiring and purchasing decisions. Her listed responsibilities include:

The Lieutenant Governor is one of eight members of the Council of State.

The Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate.

Lieutenant Governor coordinates response to the Department of Defense's Base Realignment and Closure.

The Lieutenant Governor serves as Chair of the Commission.

The Economic Development Board member.

The Lieutenant Governor is an ex officio member.

The Lieutenant Governor is an ex-officio member of the Board.

The Lieutenant Governor is a member of Board and appoints three members.

My personal preference for Governor for North Carolina in 2008 is Richard Moore though I'm not crazy about some of the things he is involved with. I also know that Beverly Perdue is active in a lot of areas important to the people of this State that don't necessarily appear on her resume, e.g. technology infrastructure for education, and is well qualified to be Governor. On the other hand it has been reported that Moore has received "$170,000 in campaign contributions over the past six years from individuals with whom his office does business".

Beverly Perdue's receipts for this election cycle stand at $1.75 million. It is ludicrous to suggest that $2K from Anglico and $3K from his wife (with a different employer) tipped the scales in one of those agencies awarding a contract to his employer. I don't think they fall into that Southern Baptist "wives submit to your husbands" category (by the way you mentioned his wife twice). There are 18 people on that board. They can't all be sleeping through meetings. And "significant financial dealings"? - hardly. Large ad purchases pass through agencies who get a small percentage of placements.

The NC Department of Administration is a diligent and tenacious enforcer of State procurement and bidding regulations. It is pure hubris to imply that State contracts are issued on the whim of a single individual. (Jim Black and grants is a whole other subject).

Anglico's style may tend towards the outer limits of snark but do not mistake it for caprice. I don't see a problem with giving money to a candidate he supports and telling other people that he supports them. Any business loses more contracts than they bid for. It makes no business sense to diss the solicitor of unsuccessful bids in a fit of pique.

If free speech were contingent upon the absence of any connection to the subject at hand we'd have a pretty sad state of affairs. By the standards implied in your posts perhaps your own food chain might disqualify you from commenting at all. Your posts do not inform. They contain a few facts and a lot of innuendo that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Go do something useful like looking at the finances of Republican Fred Smith and ask why there are so many large contributions from his employees, subcontractors and their spouses.

But Demosthenes, being neither fit to be relied on for courage in arms, as Demetrius says, nor on all sides inaccessible to bribery (for how invincible soever he was against the gifts of Philip and the Macedonians, yet elsewhere he lay open to assault, and was overpowered by the gold which came down from Susa and Ecbatana)

When the others commended Anglico for his able speaking, his beautiful person, nay, and also for his good companionship in drinking, Demosthenes could not refrain from cavilling at these praises; the first, he said, was a quality which might well enough become a rhetorician, the second a woman, and the last was only the property of a sponge; no one of them was the proper commendation of a prince.

Anglico is the one who first got his trireme ready for sea; ...... so I declare that it is Anglico who should be crowned.

All speech is vain and empty unless it be accompanied by action.
- Demosthenes

This diary entry provides a good opportunity to ask this...

who are our candidates for Elizabeth Dole?

I'm saying this is a great time because our anonymous poster is probably from a state office. Of course, Lance can figure that out in a minute by tracking down the IP didn't post from work I hope?

: )

What I don't want to see is our best couple candidates fighting it out over the Governorship and a bunch of also-rans trying to take down Dole. Then again, I guess Edwards came out of nowhere and he won. Maybe A should run?

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Somehow I missed this last night

My thoughts: this is an extraordinarily silly post. The idea that Anglico—or anyone with integrity—would prefer one gubernatorial candidate over another on the basis of whose office has spent the most at their firm is insulting. To think that about someone who plainly cares about policy and good government is simply nuts.

So: silly post. Unless the author's intent was to stir the hornets' nest, in which case: well done (though I take some exception to the idea that crying "Hypocrisy" in the title is commensurate with an intent to "provoke, but ... in a respectful way").

A note about disclosure: demosthenes is not the first critic to compare BlueNC unfavorably with newspapers. I'll take that as a compliment to the layout and overall appearance of the site—if we had a grungier, more 'message-board' look, I don't think it would occur to people to hold our community's conversations up to their notions of journalistic integrity. That said, I don't know of any attempts by this community's key authors to hide the ball when it comes to their personal involvement in politics.