The anatomy of a demagogue: Mark Meadows loves shutting down the government


And he loves to speak for others without their consent:

Meadows had already been calling for the president not to go along with an appropriations bill without wall funding. When Trump was on the verge of signing the bill, Meadows was part of the conservative backlash that, according to many accounts, persuaded Trump to instead allow large parts of the government to go dark.

"We are going to back up the president," Meadows told the House. "If he vetoes this bill, we will be there. But, more importantly, the American people will be there. They will be there to support him. Let's build the wall and make sure that we do our job in Congress."

As you can see from the chain of events, Meadows actually "backed down" the President instead of backing him up. But just as he did five years ago, he's positioning himself to both take the credit for the government shutdown, while also avoiding the bulk of any backlash that may result. Meadows is a bully, but he's a particularly nasty version of a bully: The one who instigates fights between others so he can sit back and watch. He also isn't representing the wishes of the American people, because the majority don't want the border wall or the government shutdown:

Recent polling calls into question Meadows' statement that the public "will be there to support" Trump's push for a border wall.

An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll conducted Nov. 28-Dec. 4 found 57 percent of respondents believe Trump should compromise on the issue rather than cause a shutdown while only 36 percent said Trump should risk a shutdown to get what he wants.

Respondents to the Quinnipiac University National Poll conducted Dec. 12-17 opposed building a border wall 54 percent to 43 percent and 62 percent said they were against shutting down the government over the issue.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll, called the results "A blunt holiday greeting card for President Donald Trump: Don't build a border wall and don't shut down the government to try to get it done."

For all Mark Meadows' bloviating over freedom and such, he's nothing more than a petty tyrant. A tyrant that is about to have his power greatly reduced, which is why we're talking about him just a few days after Christmas. Much like General Assembly Republicans, he's trying to get some final scratches in before being declawed. And it's both embarrassing and shameful.