Amateur hour for the NC Senate GOP as session opens

Also file under: Useless Fights, Wasting Time, and Bad Politics

Those following opening day at the NC General Assembly will have noticed that the new GOP leadership of the Senate is rewriting a few chamber rules. Big whoop. Happens every session.

However, this time the GOP is said to be creating a new position called "parliamentarian" basically to override the Lt Gov's rulings from the chair if they don't like a given ruling.

Let's remember that the GOP has a 31-19 seat advantage in the 50 seat Senate. More than a 3/5 majority.

Instead of this absurd additional position -- is it paid or unpaid? -- they could have left well enough alone.

Rulings by the chair are already appealable to the full body. And holding a 31-19 majority should provide plenty of cover to overrule the Lt Gov anytime the GOP wishes.

Now the GOP just looks like naked power grabbers -- no better than any other politicians.

The real issue here is not the topic itself (the GOP could've gotten their way under the old rules), but the fact that this was completely avoidable.

It's now clear that the new GOP leadership does not know how to carefully pick its battles and use its large majority carefully.

The bad news: it'll be a long session.

The good news: progressives will have plenty of fodder as amateur hour continues.