Almond Crunch

Mark Binker was the first to post about a developing story concerning Stanly County Republican State Representative David Almond. Apparently some strange stuff has been going on and House Republicans have been huddled. No-one knows for sure what the facts are but resignation may be in the cards for Almond who also represents parts of Montgomery and Union counties. Almond will have another meeting tomorrow with Republican leaders to tell them "what his position is".

Rumors have been swirling about Rep. Almond down here for a couple days now. None will be printed here right now because, well, they're bad and I would need to see them way better documented in order to print them

AP story has now appeared in Wilmington | Charlotte | Raleigh

N.C. House GOP caucus looks into unspecified claim on Almond

House Republicans are looking into allegations of "serious, improper behavior" by Rep. David Almond, a two-term lawmaker from Stanly County who skipped Wednesday's session to meet with his attorneys.


Almond Nuts?

Looks like an ugly mess a brewin'* Anglico

I guess it is time to release his mad dog village idiot Republician e-mails to the way, his IQ is about 12 after you read them....stay tune......

1 st sign of Almonds Nuts? Pay Attention Paul!


May 8 th 2006

Dear Friends and Voters,
I am treated, like most of you, to a daily dose of email advising me how I can get home loans with no or bad credit, enlarging my penis or breasts or advertising drugs to increase my sexual performance. Do I demand that the sender take me off their email list? Do I complain to authorities? Do I threaten to sue? No to all of them. I simply hit the "delete" key on my computer and the mildly annoying spam is gone in a flash

Not so with one of our legislative leaders, David Almond in House District 67, David Almond in House District 67, of Stanly County. ...He is not busy doing things for the benefit of his constituents. His business evidently is not doing very well either as Mr. Almond has much too much time on his hands.

What to do? Why he solves the problem by complaining to our state attorney general about me and my emails.

From his actions, I have concluded that he must be either legally blind, illiterate or incompetent.

Had Mr. Almond actually read my email or had it read to him, he would have learned that there is a button at the bottom called "Manage your subscription."

Others have found it and have managed to remove themselves from the list.

But not Mr. Almond. He instead complains that I must cease this "crap" as he terms it.

Mr. Almond seems to suffer from the same disease that affects many of our leaders at the national or state level - it's the "don't you know who I am" syndrome.

Mr. Almond seems to think that he is infinitely better than people like you or I who find that we must actually work for a living.

No, Mr. Almond is someone TOO IMPORTANT that we must drop whatever we are doing and tell him "how much and what color" whenever he barks a command.

And so Mr. Almond demands that I, an attorney trying to work and run a campaign and battling a brain tumor, have to take him off my email list and take him off immediately!

Some conservative values - why do for yourself what you can command others to do for you?

Newsflash to Mr. Almond.
I do not know you and have never met you. But I do know that you are not royalty and that you are entitled to the same treatment that I accord others. Unlike you, I do not find my writing to be "crap" but I will let the voters make the ultimate decision. And God may command me, but you certainly wield no power over me regardless of how many state agencies you contact about me. I do not jump at your command. I am not your slave and I have neither the time nor inclination to remove you.

Remover yourself or find someone with more intelligence or competence or literacy to manage your subscription and remove you.

I observed that Mr. Almond ran in the primary and that he won. Even worse, he is unopposed so the voters will be subjected to him for another two years.

Regardless of whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Constitution Party or independent voter, you deserve infinitely better.

Best Wishes
Rachel Lea Hunter

TO: Roy A. Cooper III
Attorney General
Old Education Building
114 W. Edenton Street
Raleigh, NC 27602

Dear Atttorney General Cooper,
I am writing to ask your advice. Rachel Lea Hunter continues to send material that I find offensive to my business e-mail address, depite my requests to be deleted from her mailing lists. I enclosed an example. My irritation has nothing to do with my party affiliation, let me say. It is rather her, or her campaign's cynical, high-handed refusal to honor my wishes that have prompted me ask for your attention. Do you know of naything further I can do that might be effective?????

Representative David Almond
House District 67



I get a daily does of all kinds of true unwanted spam advising me of hot stock tips to ways that I can increase the size of my penis or other body parts to sales of drugs like Viagra. Do I threaten to sue? File complaints with state agencies? No. I simply delete the offending message and move on.

Political email, however, is not SPAM of this sort. It may be just as unwanted by the recipient but it is not SPAM, despite the contentions of Eric Smith and others. Lists were legitimately purchased and were expanded during the campaigns as individuals sent me personal email lists or wanted to be added to the list. In fact, many attorneys were on lawyer lists and I received email from several other judicial candidates, even those in the NC GOP. Again, I did not complain or file complaints against them. I did not threaten to sue them. I did not whine that they remove me from their lists.

However, when it came to my candidacy, complaints were filed against me. I have already discussed the complaint filed by Representative David Almond and the bar complaint by Mr. Hedges. With regard to these complaints, their gripe was that I would not remove them from my political email list. I was not going to waste precious campaign time removing people from lists, particularly those who were part of an orchestrated and deliberate strategy such as that used by the NC GOP. Both Mr. Hedges and Representative Almond are Republicans; I was registered as a Democrat. This was part of the Mafia-like tactics of intimidation that the NC GOP used and they were merely part of it.

Of course, I have no evidence and it is not likely that any of those involved will admit to it. But even if they somehow acted independently and on their own, their complaints against me were absurd. Mr. Hedges and Mr. Almond were instructed repeatedly on how to remove themselves from the email list. They were either unwilling or unable to do so. I later was advised by the email service that I used that some browsers just will not allow this. This is not my problem; it’s the users’ browsers. They can address their issue with their browser or learn to find the delete button just like I do. But I am not their slave and I will not do their bidding for them.

As for Mr. Hedges’ complaint in particular, I note this conduct is not subject to regulation by the state bar and violates no ethical or disciplinary rules. Lawyers can be as rude to each other as they please. In fact, I can cite numerous instances of such behavior that I have seen over the years. Despite such antics, I have never seen an attorney disciplined or even had a bar complaint filed for mere rudeness in the practice of law to an opponent, let alone rudeness relating to a non-legal matter, except in my case.

What were the other complaints? They dealt with a different substance but were anonymously filed. One objected to use of my nickname “Madame Justice” under the “Ask Madame Justice” section. Another related to the Dean Smith affair and use of the nickname in my commercial which was aired only on my website.

Throughout this ordeal, I took the position that the state bar has no authority to regulate elections. If a non-lawyer runs for office and violates some election law, he or she cannot be disciplined by the state bar. Why should a candidate who happens to be a lawyer be treated any differently?

In addition, the rules changed in 2002 with a case called Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, 536 U. S., 735 (2002). I actually got to meet the attorney who argued the case and won. Before this case was decided, the rule basically was that a judge or candidate for judicial office could discuss absolutely nothing more than his or her résumé and record. White changed that. In White, a lawyer ran for the Supreme Court like me. He had the temerity to criticize the court. The rules in Minnesota prohibited that and a bar complaint was filed against him, just like complaints were filed against me. The lawyer faced censure or discipline if he spoke out, so he withdrew from the race. He wanted to run again and sought an advisory opinion from the state bar. He thereafter filed suit. The case ended up before the United States Supreme Court which struck down the Minnesota prohibition.

The Court made very clear, both in the majority and in concurring opinions, that the First Amendment free speech clause is paramount and that attempts by the state bar to restrict free speech are impermissible. The result is that judges are now free to speak out about any issue. By freeing the judge of such restrictions, voters are now able to educate themselves about a judicial candidate. Unfortunately, most judges would prefer that the voters remain uninformed, as they refrain from speaking out.

In response to this decision, North Carolina, like other states, sought to revise its Judicial Canons of Ethics. In some states that have revised the law, it has been challenged and almost everywhere the restrictions have fallen. North Carolina has not learned from these examples. Despite revision of the judicial canons, the authors still do not understand that restrictions on free speech are not permissible. I hope some enterprising attorney will challenge these restrictions for the same reason that they have been challenged elsewhere – they are an abridgement of the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech and the state bar, which is a quasi-state agency, cannot place these restrictions on lawyers running for judicial office.

I explained why this cannot be allowed under White. The bar dismissed the complaints, but still took the opportunity to further tarnish my reputation and label me as “unprofessional.” I am not and I deeply resent this insinuation. I have witnessed real unprofessional conduct, conduct even committed by judges, like drunkenness, crimes or abuse of office to gain benefits, sex with law clerks and actions which have led to the impeachment of the judge. We also have district attorneys who hide or do not turn over evidence and they are rewarded with state jobs. Even now, we have an out-of-control prosecutor in the Duke case who colluded with a laboratory director to conceal evidence from the defense. This is a clear violation of prosecutorial duty. Prosecutors have a duty to seek justice, not win at all costs or gain personal political election.

And yet it is me who is labeled as unprofessional, while for the most part, the individuals who have engaged in this conduct are held up as paragons of virtue. There is no where I can turn to ever get my reputation back, not in the legal or any other community.

Unfortunately, even now the complaints have not stopped even though I did not prevail in the election. The beast reared its ugly head again and instructed a dutiful anonymous servant to file yet more bar complaints. One seeks to challenge some small donations that were made to other candidates. Limits on donations have been upheld by the United States Supreme Court, but complete prohibitions by individuals have not. Such a prohibition would clearly run afoul of the constitution and fails for this reason.

The donations made by the PAC that I set up were all within the limits allowed by law. The PAC itself was funded by contributions from individuals, by my husband and a donation that I made. However, things became confusing and my husband inadvertently might have written a contribution from my campaign to another candidate. My husband and treasurer filed reports for the PAC and the campaign and I would have to defer to whatever is stated there. As I stated, I had no involvement in technical aspects of the campaign for my health and other reasons. As an aside, these donations were ultimately meaningless. While providing some small help to the candidates, all of them lost their elections as did I.

The second recently filed complaint seeks to dredge up my use of a nickname. It should be noted that nowhere does our state constitution have an office for “Madame Justice.” We have only “Justices” on our state Supreme Court. I have already explained the genesis of the nickname and although it was inspired by a female jurist it has nothing to do with her or her position. Even so, there has been no addition to my website. There is nothing new there. I am running for no office currently. Nor do I hold out to prospective clients that I have been or am a judge or that I have special connections with them.

So what purpose is served by filing complaint at this juncture? Clearly, as was the case in White, the state bar has become nothing more than a political tool to be used to attack and harass one’s enemies or opponents. And the bar complaints are laughable when viewed in the whole context of other real misconduct. The antics in the Duke non-rape case are unfortunately only the most recent episode in a line of examples of prosecutorial misconduct and the concealment of evidence. Have any of these prosecutors been disbarred? Sanctioned? Hardly. They get at most a slap on the wrist and are rewarded for their behavior.

We have police who are out of control as well. Remember the beating of Rodney King or the beating of the man in New Orleans? We had a motorist in Pittsburgh, Johnny Gammage, who ended up dead as the result of a routine traffic stop. We have Peyton Strickland who was recently shot dead for allegedly stealing an Xbox. We have the case of Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians of Waco, citizens whose families or themselves were killed by federal agents. Very little has been done in any of these cases against the offending police or federal agents involved. They get away with it, but someone like me is considered to be a real danger to the public. And so I have to be stopped.

I learned long ago that you can pay anyone, expert or not, to say anything, and I am sure that if the bar was willing to pay, they could find some one somewhere who claims to have been misled. However, people did not vote for me because they were misled about my qualifications. They voted for me because they knew me to be an honest person that was dedicated to the return of justice to our courts. People are not as stupid or in need of the state to act in its parens patriae role. Ordinary people are discerning. They see the corruption that is endemic to our government. So the more the bar and the beast are exposed, the more people can see for themselves what is going on and why our nation and state are in the condition that they are in.

Let this be a lesson then to all those hapless and unfortunate candidates who happen to be lawyers. Know that your enemies are watching and waiting and that they will file numerous anonymous complaints against you in an effort to tarnish and damage you so that you will not be elected. If you are not a lawyer, use this tool to your advantage and file frivolous complaints against a lawyer candidate if you have no integrity or principles.

Of course, if you do not want to be the subject of such attacks, become an approved servant of the beast or else do not run. If you are a person like me, one is disgusted by the infestation we have in public office of stupid, incompetent or even criminal individuals, stand up for what you believe in and run anyway. I learned early that the only rule is that there are no rules, at least as applied to my opponents or enemies. The only rules that matter are the ones that the beast will use against you to trip you up. Don’t violate the rules, like financing and so forth. But don’t get allow yourself to be hamstrung by things like the judicial canons either. Servants of the beast violate or ignore them with impunity and will never be punished for it. So don’t play by rules set by the enemy. Play by your own.

Almond Nuts GOP Dirty Tricks


At approximately the same time, the NC GOP enlisted the services of two of its members, Attorney Steven Hedges of Greensboro and Representative David Almond of Stanly County. Attorney Hedges was among those who filed a frivolous bar complaint against me for failing to remove him from my email list. To his credit, he had the courage to identify himself. However, when we have an out-of-control district attorney in Durham who colludes with a laboratory to conceal exculpatory evidence, does not my refusal to remove someone from an email list seem slightly ridiculous in retrospect? If Attorney Hedges is really so concerned about the legal profession, he should seek to have the district attorney removed, not have someone like me sanctioned by the bar. And there is a button to remove himself, a button which he was instructed to press on numerous occasions, but chose to ignore.

Representative Almond raised a similar complaint. However, instead of filing a complaint with the state bar, he chose to file a complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office. I had to take time out of my schedule and advise them of the facts and of Mr. Almond’s inability or unwillingness to remove himself via the unsubscribe button. Or perhaps he too did not have a browser that would allow this? It is difficult to believe that the people of Stanly County are represented by a person who thinks that he is best representing his constituents by filing a complaint against a candidate. The people deserve better and I hope that someone challenges him in the upcoming election.

After this kind of treatment, I concluded that the coordinated complaints, lies, intimidation, and orchestrated hate mail were tactics which were better suited to the Mafia than they were to a major political party. And I decided that if the NC GOP was going to act this way, then I was going to treat them this way. Henceforth, I regarded them as the NC GOP-Mafia and referred to them as such in my campaign.

Cannibalism or necrophilia.

Given how the Republicans treat liars like George Bush, torturers like Dick Cheney, cheats like Alberto Gonzales, the only thing I can think of that would have Republicans running this scared would be cannibalism or necrophilia.

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Or this.

He is a vice chairman of the House committee on children, youth and families.

Rumors and such

From what I've heard, they're as serious as Stam says they are.


Greg, you rumor monger you :)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Rumor humor

Yes I admit my use of the word "crunch" was pure speculation. Had I known now what I knew then I would have voted against the use of the word before I voted for it.

Now that I less than what I knew then I would have used the word "joy" instead.

Almond Joy
Sometimes you feel like a nut...

I'm not making that up and, there's smores where that came from.

Stop the NC Association of Realtors
Polluting our State Legislature with money.

Early morning giggles

Maybe it is a good thing you didn't know then what you know now. I'm still not sure how much joy was involved. ;)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Were those

Buttered fingers?

Oh...that's baaaaad

and it sure is illiciting a lot of Snickers here at BlueNC.....

That's lame...and I admit it. :)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Lame? Are you kidding? That's worthy of the Mighty Flynn!

PS The N&O still hasn't broken this story. Must offend their sensibilities to have an R caught with his pants down.

Pants down and twiddling his twinkie

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

My girls love that gum

That ad is hilarious.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

NC Rep Brubaker (Randolph Co) is gearing up....and bending rules

Does anyone know why Rep Harold J. Brubaker is spending so much cash right now?

Here is his year-end 2006 statement: (notice the blank spots when donors are supposed to be included)

GOP Ethics

Looking over at his financials, it seems that he a large filter for GOP cash distribution around the state, but I think this time he is gearing up for his own 2008 run.


he borrowed some phone numbers from David Vitter, Senator from the Great State of Louisiana, a man of the highest moral qualities...

Here's the Story

Comment removed upon the commenter's request.


Our new BlueNC friend June Mabry

ran against Almond. I'm betting there might just be some voters who will be second guessing themselves.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Aw, C'mon -

There has to be at least one republican that isn't crooked or crazy -

- doesn't there?


hello, Bueller?



Criminal Charges

From what I have now heard have been filed.

And his LA was one of the older ladies at the GA.

I haven't been able to confirm the criminal charges

It just takes on a whole different tone, though. If the rumor is true, I hope she is OK and I'm proud of her for filing a complaint/charges.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.



Binker has more at Capital Beat


Shorter version: No ethics complaint filed; It was a personnel complaint. The Speaker has done what's required by State and Federal law, so the issue is closed.

Thomas S. Brock

What have YOU done today to elect a Democrat?


What have YOU done today to make the world a better place?

as a matter of the house

it is done, but other than that, this is still going forward

The person talking about charges

Was completely and utterly full of it. There is no truth to that previous statement concerning charges having been filed.