All you need to know on GOP Early Voting shenanigans



Somewhere around 200,000 people

utilized that last Saturday of early voting two years ago. Granted, it was a Presidential Election and not a Mid-Term, but NC's ballot this November is going to be a monster. It will take the average voter longer to complete than 2016's ballot, and taking away this last Saturday of early voting is likely to make Election Day (especially early evening) a nightmare for voters and election workers.

Which is why they're doing it. Not just to hamper African-American voters, but everybody.

The 12 hour days are going to cost $$$$

I went the the local BoE meeting on Thursday and everyone there was disgusted with this bill. Unanimous! All 4 members. We are a small rural county and finding people to work the polls is not easy. Requiring 12 hours days AT ALL OSEV locations means OVERTIME. So we are likely to have only 1 location. And try to find people to work in 2 shifts. What a mess - these guys need to go!
I see that Cooper has vetoed the bill. I think I will encourage my R rep to speak with the elections folks before he votes to override.