Alamance County officials back-pedaling and ass-covering

When you toss responsibility into the wind, it often blows back in your face:

The chair of the Alamance County commissioners and the County Attorney took time this week to explain their roles in the controversy over the opening of Ace Speedway. “I did not say, ‘Go ahead Mr. Turner,‘” County Attorney Clyde Albright said at the commissioners’ regular meeting. “I wanted to work with them to figure out a way to avoid violating the governor’s order.”

Commissioners Chair Amy Galey and Albright said they were caught between a lack of clarity on the governor’s order and the track owners’ determination to open regardless of the potential legal problems. Commissioner Tim Sutton harshly criticized Galey for making decisions without consulting the board, and Albright for relying on court rulings upholding the right to hold church services to say Ace had the right to have more than 25 people in the crowd.

Actually Clyde, what you said was, “He cannot constitutionally limit the number of people who can peaceably assemble under the First Amendment.” The County should fire him immediately for that, but since everybody involved seems to be getting their own lawyers, they might have trouble replacing him:

After that staff meeting, Galey said, county representatives went to Ace to get what contact-tracing information was available and “to see if Ace had actually acted to follow the pub health measure they agreed to.”

Later in the week, Galey said, she advised Jason Turner to get his own lawyer and prepare to defend his decisions in court.

Albright asked the sheriff to ask Turner to cancel the race Saturday, May 30.

Sheriff Terry Johnson said he also consulted the lawyer representing the state Sheriffs Association, who said there was a conflict in the order and advised him not to take a stand.

“I’m going to do my job, but I want clarification,” Johnson said.

How is doing nothing doing your job? You know what, don't answer that question, it will just piss me off.

This is classic Republican behavior; screw something up and then cover your ass. The NC Senate already has its fair share of types like this, Amy Galey has no business getting anywhere near Raleigh. Please lend your support to JD Wooten, he has earned this seat.



Alamance County

When my friend was looking for a new home recently, I suggested Alamance for convenience to Triangle and Triad, plus reasonably low prices. She rejected the county out of hand: "You kidding? This place looks like it wants to be the arm-pit of North Carolina."

Can't disagree with her.

I got a push poll call from the Galey campaign

There must be some money behind Galey - I got a rather lenghty, 15 minute "push poll" call that was pretty obviously probing about possible attacks against Wooten.

It started out with views on Tiny Twitterfingers and Cooper's performance and preferences in those campaigns, then immediately drilled down into Galey and Wooten.

The Alamance race was one specific item mentioned in the push poll, along with the response to the pandemic and specific views on the recent protests.

I need to keep a pen and paper or computer handy so I can take detailed notes when I get one of these calls.