After dark


Thank you to everyone

who did not file to run against my mother.

This is the first time ever that she does not face either primary or general election opposition. She has run for office 12 times.

Basically, Friday at noon, she was re-elected to office. Yes, there is always the threat of an aggressive write-in campaign, but if you look at the list of people vying for at-large city council seats and for the opportunity to run for mayor in November...I'm not sure there is a Democrat (or volunteer) left to mount such a campaign.

So.....thank you! We needed a break from campaigning. She will still be out there, because she attends neighborhood association meetings, church services, festivals, etc. year round and not just during campaign season. nice for once to be able to help others instead of worrying about her campaign.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What a relief!

And what a well deserved break from the hustle. Congratulations to Mom!