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NCDP Executive Council Meeting

I just got a letter/notice today about a Dec. 21st meeting of the Executive Council of the NC Democratic Party. As a DNC member, I am a member of the Executive Council, and so I just wanted to share with everyone the agenda:

1) Presentation of 2009 NCDP Audit
2) Committee to Review the Plan of Organization Composition and Meeting Schedule
3) Draft 2011 Budget
4) 2010 Election Review
5) Other Party Business

I'm interested in everyone's thoughts about any of the above, since I plan to attend the 7pm meeting in Raleigh. I'll just offer a few comments and look forward to reading postings from y'all:

I've been very supportive of item number 2, and I've been in favor of such an effort for the past year and half. I look forward to putting this committee together, having them look at the POO and get the feedback of Democrats at all levels, and for them to suggest edits to create a 21st Century POO. I don't think there have to be drastic changes, b/c the framework and foundation of the Plan are sound. But there are certainly some updates to make and some aspects to make more clear, so I look forward to this effort. Change is good.

As to item number 3, I'm interested in what Chair Young and E.D. Whalen have to present as a draft budget. I've mentioned here a few days ago that, depending on consultation with the District Chairs and listening to their opinions, I may suggest including a renumeration for the state chair position. Other than that, I'm interested in hearing from y'all, specifically, what you think our financial priorities should be for the next year.

For item number 4, it would be too easy to point fingers and/or complain about November and the past campaign. As someone who lost his own election this year (though in the primary) and just left office a few days ago, I know what loss is all about. But this is an item where we can think about lessons learned, and with the upcoming officers' elections, we can use this as an opportunity to promote positive changes for our state, district, and county parties. So, again, any feedback from y'all about these issues and others would be great.

Y'all have a good weekend!

McClatchy should be embarrrassed

There's a lot not to like about the N&O these days, the editorial page (finally) being one of the few bright spots. But today's front page feature, a puff piece about buying watches, is a notch too low by even McClatchy standards. Of all the news that could be highlighted, imagine an editorial decision to feature this crap.

It's not that the story is badly written, it's just that it's not a story worth writing, certainly not for the front page of the so-called newspaper of record in North Carolina.

In the news today is descriptions of the huge amt of pork

included in the tax cut legislation. I had to stop reading. The people in Washington have no idea of what is going on this country. Over paid, overly secure in their jobs, and dumber than a box of hammers.

Stan Bozarth

Made me sick, too

It's hard to imagine a more fucked up situation in Washington, and in Raleigh.

Another of those little items that makes you wonder who's...

on our side, came out during Bernie Sanders 8 hr non-filibuster talkathon in the senate. I do remember a few months back, he had introduced a bill to allow a one-time peek at the secret bailouts which were executed by Bernanke and the Fed Reserve, along with the stimulus money, which was permitted after a congressional vote. We pretty much knew they were doling out no-interest money to banks, but he also found out that money was given to the main banks in Japan, Korea and China, and also Toyota, Honda, etc. So here we kept a tight string on small business loans to Americans, which in effect blocked money for many contractors trying to stay afloat, but are helping their competitors in foreign countries, and at a lower rate! And Congress made GM, Ford and Chrysler agree to tough terms and higher interest in order to get emergency money to stay in business, but we give foreign car manufacturers a more favorable deal? We used to execute traitors, but now we just elect them.