After dark


Binker's wrap

Hadn't see this, somehow. He wrote it the morning after Pope's bloodbath. A good summary.

Sherlock Holmes

If you're a Sherlock Holmes fan, be sure to watch Mystery tonight at 9:00 ET. That's where I'll be.

Modern day versions of the classic stories, great acting all around.

I love Mystery

WUNC-TV has carried the entire series of Hercule Poirot, to which I became addicted. I'll have to check this Sherlock Holmes thing out tonight, but I may have already seen it if it's one of the BBC productions. I've been checking them out from my local library, which has a huge collection of various shows.

Bet you haven't seen it

These are brand, brand new, from what I understand. And very cool.

You're right, I hadn't seen that

Great show. And I laughed outloud when Holmes bitched about Watson's blog. :)