Activist NC judges ignore statute & void years-old adoption

Take a read at a majority of the NC Supreme Court ignore the plain language of state statute.

The circular reasoning of Justice Newby is some insanity to behold.

Justice Hudson's dissent lays it out.

I'll post more later.

It's a thing to behold activist "conservative" judges ignoring state law.

Newby and the majority of the NC Supreme Court even shred decades of the understanding of subject matter jurisdiction.

Is Justice Newby a secret anarchist?

Here's the state law Justice Newby and his majority just throw out the window:

§ 48‑2‑607. Appeals.

(a) Except as provided in subsections (b) and (c) of this section, after the final order of adoption is entered, no party to an adoption proceeding nor anyone claiming under such a party may question the validity of the adoption because of any defect or irregularity, jurisdictional or otherwise, in the proceeding, but shall be fully bound by the order. No adoption may be attacked either directly or collaterally because of any procedural or other defect by anyone who was not a party to the adoption. The failure on the part of the court or an agency to perform duties or acts within the time required by the provisions of this Chapter shall not affect the validity of any adoption proceeding.

Emphasis mine.