The Action Mug!

UPDATED with initial caps option (third down)

Thoughts on whether upper-case or lower-case would make a better mug?




lower case looks great

and when I opened this page I saw that button right next to the blue one on the right and I think they will both be great...but oh my think of the red/white/blue one in big letters on a tee shirt across the chest. That will grab attention. do the blue take action on the right for a mug as well. Will that one work too? I'm really not in a rush. I'm going to go ahead and order the red/white/blue one when you get it up and some buttons....and a BlueNC tee shirt.

The one above will be great on bumper stickers and tee shirts...maybe just use the www. for the url to send them to the site.

I'm going to go broke. You really are awesome!

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I like the all caps

I think it grabs attention better. Can we see a combination? How about just capitalizing the first letters of Take and Action. If you have time, that is.

i like all lower

I like the combination

much better! Thanks!


The free store at cafepress only allows one of each item to be available at a time (one mug, one of each kind of tee, etc.). I'll post the all-lower for a while and then switch to the initial caps in a week or two. Thanks for the feedback!

I love it!

Lance..if there's something that I'm the only person asking for maybe we could just coordinate a change of designs long enough for me to order my stuff and then change back to the most popular. Also...if enough of us like different designs we could switch off at certain intervals...I don't know the rules of Cafe Press, but I love the mugs. I am going to give one to my mother's campaign manager...she volunteers full time for candidates on top of a full time job. She hasn't found the time to visit us yet. I think she'll like this because she does take action.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That sounds great

Request are definitely welcome, and swapping out designs is easy. Enjoy!