ACCESS DENIED. "X Insurance" is (not) always on your side

ACCESS DENIED. (Health Insurance). For a healthy 17 year old college student who runs 5 miles a day, doesn't smoke or drink. Really.

This blog is about my phone call today to my local "XXXX-XXXX Insurance" Agent to get health insurance for my 17 year old daughter. She is a 1st year college student. (Her school does not offer health insurance.)

I thought that "XXXX Insurance Co" would always be on my side, just like in the TV commercials. "XXXX-XXXXX covers my house, cars for me and teenager, so it seemed logical that they would love to provide health insurance for that teenage driver too. (Silly me.)

Here's rough notes of the call - it didn't work out as I had hoped. The irony appears at end.

Me: I need a health insurance policy for my daughter, she's 17 and this is her first year of college. Can you help us?

Agent: We can get you pretty good coverage with a low deductible for X amount of dollars every 6 months.
It won't cover prescriptions though but it is a good policy.
(Meanwhile, he's typing in my information and my daughters information into some little form.)

Me: Gee, if I lived in New Zealand or Australia like my cousins, I wouldn't be worrying about this, they have national health care and free access, can you believe that?

Agent: Oh no Canada and England have 18 month waiting periods for XXX surgery. Its awful, it would be terrible, we don't want that!

Me: oh, well I don't live in Australia or New Zealand anyway......sigh.....

Agent: (after some more typing) Has your daughter been treated for any conditions in the past year?

Me: She's been treated for ADHD.
(Then he continues typing furiously......)

Agent: (finishes typing). "Oh, "XXXX-XXX" won't cover your daughter.".

ME: I guess I WOULD be better off in New Zealand or Australia, woudn't I?

End of conversation. In this case, it HURT to be right.


How incredibly frustrating.

Fortunately, my son's college does offer insurance. I'm just having a hard time finding out what the details of the plan are! You'd think he'd get a card of some sort, etc.

Monday I will be calling NC's High Risk Insurance pool

Thanks to the work of Rep Verla Insko and others, as of Jan 2009 there is a insurance pool for high risk people.

Ironically, the policy I was applying for would not have covered ADHD medicine, but ADHD was the reason for her exclusion.

I've done without insurance since 2003 because it is just too expensive, but I can't accept this for my child.

How bad do things have to get?