ACA aftershocks

From Paul Keckley

States are now ground zero for health reform: the law puts enormous pressure on states to act quickly and decisively. Should they implement an insurance exchange, or default to a federally run alternative? Should the state’s Medicaid program be expanded per the law? And how quickly and effectively can states implement eligibility systems to optimize fraud detection and verify eligibility for government programs?

Can the GOP in North Carolina do anything quickly and decisively without screwing up? Not likely IMHO.


Chris Fitzsimon

A good Friday Follies this week, where in calls Chris call bullshit on NCGOP ACA hand-wringing. Where were these asses when the court handed the keys to the country to an AWOL drunk driver?

Good column, Chris. Keep 'em coming.

More on states' dilemmas

“States are going to weigh leaving huge amounts of federal dollars on the table, versus accepting potential exposure from expanding an entitlement program,” Salo says. “You used to just have to hold your nose because you had to do it. Now, every state is going to have to make some aggressive calculations.”

Good analysis from the Washington Post. Bottom line? A new opportunity for the NC GOP to screw over poor people. Just watch and see.

The state already has eligibility guidelines

for Goddess' sake - all they have to do is expand them. Put a couple of wonks in a room for a day, send lunch in, and it will be done. Give me a break. Or better yet, default to the federal system. One step closer to how it should be anyhow.