About that NC business climate...

According to Forbes, it's the third best in the entire country:

Forbes magazine ranks North Carolina third in its annual ranking of best states for business, unchanged from last year. The magazine evaluates costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life in making the rankings.

Drilling down a little deeper into this report, we see the State of Georgia losing some ground:

Georgia is No. 11, down from eighth in 2010. Rankings for other Southeastern states: Tennessee is 21st; Florida 24th; South Carolina 28th; and Alabama 37th.

And just to give another poke to the short-sighted individuals who lobbied the President to postpone air quality improvements:

Roughly half of all Georgians now live in areas with air that may be harmful to their health.
Under the new ozone standard, by 2010 almost two-thirds of Georgians will live in areas that
fail to meet the federal air quality standard for this pollutant. Traffic accounts for about half of
Atlanta’s ozone-forming nitrogen oxide emissions, and coal-fired power plants are the second
largest source.

Those who tell us that environmental protection and economic vitality cannot coexist have no (Earthly) idea what they're talking about.