26 Days: Dole toes the party line to the detriment of North Carolinians

DAY 26

While she toured eastern North Carolina and toed the party line, Elizabeth Dole touted John McCain’s health care proposal that would give tax credits to people to use for medical care. Nevermind the 20 million Americans who would lose their health care, the higher taxes American workers would pay as a result of McCain’s plan, or that McCain’s own website notes the tax credits would go directly to the insurance companies. If it’s an idea floated by a national Republican who, like her, has voted with George Bush nine times out of ten, Elizabeth Dole is more than content to toe the party line, regardless of what it means for people in her state.

Dole Touted GOP Health Care Plan That Would Cost Millions Their Health Care And Increase Premiums. The Greenville Daily Reflector reported that Dole touted “the Republican Party's health-care proposal that would give tax credits to people that could be used for medical care,” during a stop at the Pitt County Memorial Hospital. Dole claimed “the event was part of her senatorial duties, and not a campaign stop.” [Greenville Daily Reflector, 10/8/08]

McCain/GOP Plan Would Cost 20 Million Americans Their Employer-Provided Health Care. A study by Health Affairs reported that “the elimination of the income tax preference for employer-sponsored insurance would cause twenty million Americans to lose such coverage.” [Health Affairs, 9/16/08]

Plan Would Mean Higher Taxes For American Workers. The New York Times reported that McCain’s health care plan “would have the effect of increasing tax payments for some workers, primarily those with high incomes and expensive health plans.” McCain’s plan would tax health care benefits that are provided to workers by their employers, instead of allowing those benefits to be provided tax-free as the current system allows. [New York Times, 5/1/08]

Health Care Tax Credit Would Pay Insurance Companies & Wouldn’t Cover The Cost Of Insurance. A study by Health Affairs noted that, under McCain’s plan, the number of uninsured “will likely grow as the value of the tax credit falls relative to rising health care costs.” Furthermore, McCain’s campaign website notes that the tax credits would go directly to insurance companies. [Health Affairs, 9/16/08; John McCain for President Website, Accessed 10/9/08]

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