257,000 New Registered Voters in NC - 240,000 are NOT Republicans

That's all. That's all I had to say. Let that sink in. There are 257,000 new registered voters in this state since January and only 17,000 of them registered as Republicans.

Wow. Warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it?

Here's the article from the Asheville Citizen-Times.


Surrender Now! Get Terms

The Republican Party of North Carolina should surrender now and save the Taxpayers expense for the ballots. At this rate, The State GOP will be meeting in a phone booth at the beach next year.

warm, fuzzy feeling

I just get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see numbers like that but we can't be too cocky.

One of the things we really need to drive home to all these new voters is that if they pull a straight ticket lever, they still need to vote for President and the judges.

Wake Forest won't play us anymore
Michigan last year
LSU - you are next


Also need to drive home to all these new voters is that if they vote for President, they still need to pull a straight ticket lever and vote for the judges and local non-partisan races.

That is going to be a big problem

We need to fix this problem ASAP. Change the election laws so that the presidential election is included on the straight party ticket.

You can still pull straight party and vote for individual candidates in a different party. If we included "none of the above" in each race, you could pull straight party for one party, vote for a couple of candidates in another party in individual races, and vote "none of the above" in a few others.

And then do a much better job of voter education. And that includes communicating on a level that is understood by people who have literacy problems. PSA spots on TV before Early Voting starts on how to cast a ballot.

This state has a long way to go in getting ALL our citizens up to speed and involved in the election process.


Here in Wake county, there is more on the ground action: canvassing, registering voters, organizing precincts, than there was at this time in 2004. It's great to see!

NCDem Amy on YouTube

Just remember....

...the voters have to be able to vote, know that their votes were recorded correctly, and the votes have to be counted accurately in order to know who really wins.

We might have some problems with that this year.

We have already seen that we had a high % of provisional ballots cast in the May primary, and it took 2.5 weeks to certify those votes - with only a 36% turnout. We still don't know why we had such a high number of provisional votes cast, and until we know why, how can we fix it?

How do we know that the votes will be recorded correctly? 70% of NC counties use op-scan, but in those that use DRE touchscreens, 2 of the 3 Metro areas use DREs for their votes and they represent almost half of the state's votes. Will the voters in those counties take the time to check if the correct name is printed out on the toilet-paper trail, or if it prints out at all? Remember, 9% of these printers FAILED to work in the 2006 elections.

How will we be able to accurately audit the races with no paper trail? And how can we be sure that the votes will be counted properly and that independent observers can catch similar problems if the SBOE isn't going to report important data like over and undervotes on their new fangled Clarity software that is maintained by a private company and not by the SBOE?

No - it's hardly going to be the walk that many people claim it is.

Presidential straight ticket

The reason that the presidential race is separate from the rest of the federal and state races is that the law was changed a number of years ago because too many North Carolinians were voting for Republican presidential candidates and thus potentially inclined to hit the straight Republican ticket. This change was passed by the General Assembly under the control of the Democratic Party. Frankly, the straight ticket ballot should be done away with so that voters have to make independent decisions for each office on the ballot. On an historical note, until the 1980's the state law was that if you crossed over and voted for a candidate in a different party after having marked the straight ticket box for the other party, your vote did not count for the individual you voted for. Instead your vote counted for that person's opponent in the straight ticket column. Fortunately, the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that law unconstitutional.

Thanks for the history lesson

An informed electorate is a bit too much to hope for. My fear is that if we dropped the straight party option there would be a lot of down ballot races that would be ignored.

Robin Hayes lied, Robin Hayes cried and thousands of folks lost th

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.