24,000 Votes

The primaries have me pretty exhausted, but I feel the need to post this now.

In 2006, Roger Sharpe, a relative unknown with less than six months of prep time came within 24,000 votes of unseating millionaire incumbent Virginia Foxx.

Looking over the results in MS-01, LA-06, and IL-14, and taking into account the high turnout this time around, I cannot help but think that Roy Carter has a real shot here.

I realize that many here are focusing on races closer to home, but I encourage those who can to throw a little support to Roy.

The longer Foxx stays in, the harder it will be to unseat her. To be totally honest, I thought that 06 was our only real shot. But now the window has opened wider.

Thanks for listening.

Roy Carter for Congress


Don't you worry

Give us another week or two and we'll be set up and ready to help all the candidates. There are things we can do in the general that we just can't do during the primary season......yet.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

BlueNC Rules!

Levi's post really put mine to shame, but you guys are awesome.

P.S. I spoke to Roger last night in D.C., and he sends his best wishes to all as well.

For those who have asked if he will run for office again, the answer is no. However, he will likely be active in the Obama campaign from the D.C. area.