24 Hours

 Are you looking forward or looking back?  We need to do both.  Here's a thread to get us started.


I'm looking up

Hoping for just a wee bit of snow! 

Is time linear?


Rev. Joseph Lowery, a civil rights leader with Dr. King, speaks in North Carolina today before heading to DC to give the benediction at the inaguration tomorrow.

More fun is this blast from the past from Rev. Lowery at Coretta Scott King's funeral.


It's 8 minutes long, but more than worth it.  See the presidents he calls out in front of their faces.

""Will words become deeds that meet needs?"


There is no spoon

: )

What time is the actual kickoff?

My wife has classes all day tomorrow, but is going to skip out for the actual event. Anyone know?  Oh, wait, that is so lazy.

Obama will take the Oath of Office, using President Lincoln's Inaugural Bible, administered by Chief Justice John Roberts. Scheduled around noon.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Looking forward

Under 17 hours now until change of watch.

Good lord, please get Obama in there before the outgoing walking disaster gets talked into some more unfathomable mischief!

Dan Besse

12 Hours

Only 12 Hours to go now. I can't wait to see Obama say "So help me god" and become the 44th President of the USA.

I can't wait either

 ....but I guess we'll have to.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It's weird.

I can't sleep. I feel like something special is going to happen tomorrow.

Oh Wait! Something special IS going to happen tomorrow.

And, back at Crawford, Texas......

They're saying....."Aw Crap...He's BAAAAAAACK !!"

The best thinking is independent thinking.