229 convictions possibly tainted by SBI lab

Sins of omission have consequences:

Evidence was mounting that incomplete and misleading lab reports were helping send the wrong people to prison - and letting the real criminals go free to commit other crimes.

And there's good reason the audit by Swecker and former FBI manager Michael Wolf sent ripples throughout North Carolina's criminal justice system: It showed that the crime lab's failures to conduct tests or inform court officials of blood test results that might help the defendant may have involved as many as 229 cases.

Those lab techs should be held partially responsible for any crimes committed by those who dodged justice thanks to faulty lab reports. And they should have to pay some sort of restitution to the wrongly convicted.


Re: 229 convictions possibly tainted by SBI lab

They also need to specify all 229 cases with case numbers and names. I believe that most judges are honest. I think they should learn which defendants were convicted in their courts because of SBI misconduct. That would get some of them ticked off enough to make this sort of thing very difficult in the future.

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Yes they should do that

but they won't - because that might also point the finger at the DAs who handled those 229 cases. Some are still holding office, but some are no doubt criminal defense lawyers - or even judges now!

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