22 Things I'm Grateful For.....oh...and Kos is too

Over at DKos, Markos posted a list of 22 things he's grateful for and I have adopted his list. Good riddance to these retiring Republicans.

In the Senate:

Wayne Allard, CO
Larry Craig, ID (maybe)
Pete Domenici, NM
Chuck Hagel, NE
John Warner, VA

In the House:

Barbara Cubin, WY
Terry Everett, AL
Mike Ferguson, NJ
Dennis Hastert, IL
Dave Hobson, OH
Duncan Hunter, CA
Ray Lahood, IL
Steve Pearce, NM
Chip Pickering, MS
Deborah Pryce, OH
Jim Ramstad, MN
Ralph Regula, OH
Rick Renzi, AZ
Jim Saxton, NJ
Tom Tancredo, CO
Jerry Weller, IL
Heather Wilson, NM

Each time a retirement announcement is made I get this warm fuzzy feeling and I smile. Open seats are so much easier to take.

There are certainly more announcements to come and I'm waiting eagerly to hear them, but forget the popcorn.....I have champagne on ice.

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all.


Is it too much to ask

for some NC retirements?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Yes, it's good to see these people leaving.

Given the damage many of them have done it's unfortunate we'll be paying them anyway...for a long time to come what with their generous retirement plans and such.

Stan Bozarth

Prepare the boardroom, gentlemen...

I have the sinking feeling that these guys are just making a beeline for the private sector. It's like someone at headquarters said "Nah, let's cut our losses. We've spent the last few cycles obliterating federal oversight and regulations. Time to cash in."

They'll be lobbying their former colleagues as soon

as legally possible. Which is why it shouldn't be possible until they would have less influence, like 2 years later.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Trent Lott too?

And here's his reason, from the AP:

He now feels he's laid the groundwork in Washington to make sure the region is looked after, according to a source familiar with his announcement.

Lott intends to join the private sector.

Two years into a new six year Senate term? I mean, like, what do these guys know that we don't?

Somebody tell my why I don't feel good about this!


As in K-Street. That's what matters most.

I think they don't like being in the minority.

and they're a bit concerned about what investigations are going to show. They need to make as much money as they can before they get convicted.

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I'm so glad Wayne Allard and

I'm so glad Wayne Allard and Tom Tancredo are retiring from my state. I have grown extremely weary of writing to them in the hope of getting them to understand the tenants of representative democracy. In Wayne Allards case I have simply resorted to emailing him to let him know how glad I am that he's gonna quit. Now if we can just get some dems elected that don't get ruined too quickly.....