21 Days: Dole hides behind Bush, misleads North Carolinians

DAY 21

A new ad check from WXII yesterday found that a Dole ad attacking Kay’s record on taxes was “misleading.” Not a total surprise considering the News and Record and News and Observer have both found Elizabeth Dole’s other negative ads to be false.

Dole’s attacks on taxes? Misleading.

Dole’s attacks on Kay’s investment in oil and gas wells? Untrue.

Dole’s use of the fabricated “Fibber Kay” moniker? Unconscionable.

Maybe Dole thinks she can hide from her solid support of President Bush’s failed agenda and gross ineffectiveness if she spouts lies about her opponent, but North Carolinians can see right through it.


Dole Attack Ad “Misleading.” In an ad check, WXII reported that a Dole attack ad is “misleading.” Furthermore, the report noted that the “the notion that Hagan raised North Carolina’s taxes is somewhat misleading.” [WXII 12, Accessed 10/14/08]

Dole Attack Ad: Not Accurate. A fact check by the Raleigh News & Observer’s Under the Dome blog on Dole’s negative ad attacking Kay Hagan on oil found that the ad is not accurate. The blog asked, “Is it accurate,” and responded with a resounding, “No.” The fact check found that “Hagan's investments in oil and gas wells are substantial, but they hardly qualify her for membership in OPEC. Like Dole, she no longer supports a federal ban on offshore drilling in North Carolina and would leave the decision up to the state.” [Raleigh News & Observer, Under the Dome blog, 9/11/08]

Raleigh News & Observer: Dole’s Negative Attacks “Can’t Be Serious.” In an editorial, the Raleigh News & Observer wrote that Dole “can’t be serious” with her negative attack ads against Kay Hagan. [Raleigh News & Observer, 9/13/08]

“Claims Are Vague” In Dole’s Attack Ad.
The Raleigh News and Observer, in its Under the Dome blog, reported that the “claims are vague” in Dole’s “ad attacking her Democratic rival, Kay Hagan.” The report said that “the Dole campaign said they did not come up with the nickname, but they did not know who did.” Dole campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley said, "We're not sure who coined it, but we hear people call Kay Hagan 'Fibber Kay' on the campaign trail and we hear it frequently.” [Raleigh News & Observer, Under the Dome blog, 9/4/08]

Greensboro News & Record: “Tagging Hagan As ‘Fibber Kay’ Is Unconscionable.” In an editorial, the Greensboro News & Record wrote that “tagging Hagan as ‘Fibber Kay’ is unconscionable.” [Editorial, Greensboro News & Record, 10/5/08]

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