2008: It was a long and exciting year

BlueNC kicked off 2008 with a live blog with Larry Kissell. Almost one year later to the day, Larry Kissell will be sworn in as a United States congressman. After three long years and a lot of hard work we all helped Larry Kissell make it to Washington. Less than a week after his live blog at BlueNC, SEIU announced polling results showing Larry Kissell ahead of Robin Hayes in the polls.

January also brought the Iowa caucuses where most of us were still supporting John Edwards and where Sam Spencer had been working hard for presidential candidate, Senator Joe Biden. Roxane wrote the first diary of the year on Elizabeth Dole and her support of a movement to allow concealed weapons in our national parks.

Also in January we discovered that Frank Eaton has a way with the word "sexy" but I haven't had a chance to try that one out.

The New Hampshire primaries had our hopes up for John Edwards yet again. Too bad we didn't know then what we would find out months later. Stan was able to voice how many of us felt about JRE.

January was also the month that Pat McCrory filed to run for Governor, the BlueNC discussions about the NC Lt. Governor's race began and the live debates between the L.G. candidates started.

Gregflynn opened our eyes about an uptick in Blackwater lobbying and JLGolden continued with more Blackwater adventures.

During week two DrFrankLives put Lt. Gov. Perdue and Treasurer Moore in time out and demanded they grow up. Later in the year we certainly wished they had listened. The Perdue/Moore campaign wasn't the only race heating up. U.S. Senate candidate Jim Neal had set up office and was giving interviews. Also that week, Robert P. filled us in on how he got an @JohnEdwards.com email addy. Pssst, it was through good old fashioned grassroots hard work.

Another man who isn't afraid of hard work is Marshall Adame. Marshall gave up his job and came home to NC to run for Congress. He stopped by BlueNC on the way. Later in the campaign Marshall weathered attacks by Blackwater's VP.

Other candidacies were announced on our site and as we geared up for a busy primary season we were hearing from many candidates more than once.

LiberalNC, one of the few Obama supporters (in January, that is) spoke up often and even annoyed all the John Edwards supporters periodically. Imagine that! However, he brought us news of the campaign. Later in the year, LiberalNC was sworn in as a citizen on the same day that Barack Obama accepted the nomination to run for president. How fitting is that?

John Edwards supporters started a national campaign to raise $7 million dollars in one day. Robert P. was angry about the John Edwards media blackout. I guess the National Enquirer took care of that.

January brought big news when James Protzman pitched and landed a virtual debate between Bev Perdue and Richard Moore. In the meantime the candidates for Lt. Governor were debating each other in person.

Rounding out the month, Senator Barack Obama won the South Carolina primary by a land slide and LiberalNC just couldn't wait to rub it in. :D

By the end of the month, another big announcement was made by James. The idea of a BlueNC Barbeque Bash was floated and we were looking for volunteers, candidates and folks to come to the party.

It's hard to imagine looking back on this list that all of this happened in one month. I'm exhausted just reviewing the diaries. You wouldn't believe what I left out! I wonder how many candidates will attend this year's bash?


Ahh those sweet memories....

...back from when I was still annoying the hell out of most people on here :-)

By the way, It looks like i will be in DC this Tuesday to witness the swearing in of my pal, Larry Kissell. How fun is that?

Larry Kissell Swearing in

Great Fun! I'm looking forward to seeing you there. About 40 of us from the 8th District have chartered a bus to take us up to DC on Monday for Larry's swearing-in on Tuesday. We've dubbed it "The Larry Kissell Special". Several others will meet us at the Comfort Inn-Pentagon on Monday evening and will take the bus over with us on Tuesday for a reception for Larry, which will be held in his office, Room 512, Cannon House Office Building at 11:00 A.M. The office will have open house from 11 to 3:30. At 12:00 we'll watch the swearing-in ceremony on closed circuit T.V. in the office with the staff. We still have some room on the bus -- a brand new 57 passenger bus the company decided to let us use. Pardon the commercial interruption, but if anyone wants to go with us, we still have a few seats. The Room is $100, and as many as four can stay in the room for that price. Roundtrip transporation is $80/person. Get on Board!!!

Sweet Union Dem

Give me an e-mail...

What time is the bus leaving? Probably too early for me...after the 2pm swearing-in of the Court of Appeals on Monday, I'll be free. Maybe I could meet at the hotel that night?

Give me a holler at ncpublicservant@gmail.com

Comfort Inn-Pentagon -- The Larry Kissell Special Headquarters

Everybody's welcome to stay at the Comfort Inn-Pentagon and ride to the swearing in with us on the bus. Although I made arrangements for a 49 passenger, they are actually sending us up on a 57 passenger, so even after including four of Larry's family members who are coming up later Monday evening, we'll have some extra seats.
Comfort Inn-Pentagon:
2480 South Glebe Rd. Bldg. 2
Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 682-5500 Mention Gaddy Tours - Nancy Rorie

Sweet Union Dem


I'm driving up to DC and staying with a friend, but I'd love to ride the bus over in the morning with ya'll!

What time should I get to the hotel in the morning?

It's good to be right!

any chance you can take some pics of the swearing in day and post them here?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Swearing in pics

Will do.

Sweet Union Dem

No pics

You have to have a special ticket to get in and you have to leave all cameras, cell phones, etc. at the door. Most people watch from rooms in the building with big screen televisions. Trust me, those people have more fun.


Tickets to get in

We're watching from Larry's office on closed circuit T.V. I assume Leanne Powell, the Chief of Staff, has taken care of all the logistics, but thank you for mentioning it. I'll get in touch with her and make sure we have everything set up.

Sweet Union Dem

It was indeed a sweet year!

Hope we can do another blogger bash -- it's nice to see/meet folks face to face.

Definitely need to have one...

...since I haven't been to one yet! How about one once a quarter?