'20 Badass Quotes From the Women of the DNC'

While the seemingly endless stream of vague political platitudes may have run together like the Ann Coulter's boringly horrible tweets, the women of the Democratic National Convention broke through with poignant, and piercing zingers. Here are 20 of the most byte-worthy moments...

Among my favorites frome the DNC are those from Sandra Fluke and Elizabeth Warren and the one from the Nuns on the Bus, Sister Simone Campball. Read all 20 here.

Keep in mind, more women vote than men. They just are underrepresented among elected officials at the state and national levels.


A good friend if mine

is working on her genealogy that dates back into 16th century England. She is meticulously transcribing the wills of her forefathers. We are stunned at the way men used their last will and testament to reach out from the grave to try and control their wives, daughters and sisters lives. Republicans must be trying to do the same thing today, they certainly are on track for the grave.

Women are the majority and if we vote together, that's a hell of a lot of power.