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    and we are currently looking at going with a modified form of Plan B. We'll have kids back in groups for one day each during the first week (Aug. 17-21) for orientation about the new schedule and setup. Then on week 2, elementary will begin the A/B rotating schedule (A group in M/T, B in Th/F, all remote on W) while middle and high school stays all remote. Middle starts with A/B on week 4, high school on week 6. It mostly seems to be about phasing in and ramping up the safety protocols for screening, cleaning, etc. to make sure we can actually do what's necessary. All students also have the option for staying purely remote, which our district's survey has shown will likely be about 36% of families. It's going to be a logistical nightmare for everyone, especially teachers. It's also likely not to actually work out that way. Te state may well cut this off and mandate Plan C before or during the opening weeks. My own personal feeling is that, even if the state doesn't mandate a return to all remote first, we'll have an outbreak sometime in those first few weeks and the district will shut down in-person instruction themselves. We've seen what happens when schools are reopened in countries that do not have a firm handle on the pandemic (just look at Israel or even Hong Kong, where they were doing fairly well overall but still had to shut schools down again because of outbreaks) and there's no reason to think we'll escape the same results, or worse. I understand that Gov. Cooper thought that this was an important step to attempt and that not doing it this way would draw too much resistance from parents who really want schools to reopen, but with our numbers still headed in the wrong direction, I also think it's not likely to succeed. Until there's proper control of community spread or a vaccine, sending children back to classrooms, which are petri dishes in the best of times, is an exercise in futility.

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    any more than this? I don't think so. Those (like me) who are arguing that we should stick to remote learning for now are not contending that there is no educational cost to doing so. What we are saying is that there is a much greater and overriding physical cost to student, staff, and family health that is more important than any educational cost, because it will result in people dying. But far be it from Woodcox to worry about something as minor as that when he can push his anti-public education agenda.

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    It should now be obvious to even the most dedicated Trumpster that "clean up" simply means "make a lot of money" in the mind of the Grifter-In-Chief. Industry lobbyists have never had it so good, not even back in the day when the railroad companies were literally running the government.

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    I think there's another source of funds for commercial fisherman (who actually need it) as opposed to