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  • Reply to: Day 21   9 hours 12 min ago

    Jane lets me do pretty much whatever I want to feed my OCD cravings. She claims to be in assisted living

  • Reply to: Day 21   10 hours 50 min ago

    The wife just saw this...."See, just look at how nice James made their porch. You should be more like James instead of looking at a screen all day and talking about stuff you don't know anything about." seriously though...very nice :)

  • Reply to: Day 21   11 hours 10 min ago

    It's a good match ... a nice refresh after owning this furniture for almost 15 years. I'm in a cleaning frenzy mode.

  • Reply to: Day 21   11 hours 25 min ago

    That stain goes perfectly with the cushions. Oh my god, I sound like an interior decorator...

  • Reply to: Day 21   11 hours 48 min ago

    I felt like I never had the motivation or time to tackle a day-long project like this, but that's what I did Saturday. I'm sure I could have done a better job, but I'm satisfied.