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    of the legal advice given here is relevant to NC, as well.

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    We would love it if someone could depict Mr. Tillis as the House of Trump House Elf that he is. Any takers?

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    I honestly can't understand how anybody (much less educated folks) can still support Trump. He can't get through a single damn day without lying his ass off about something, whether it's critical or trivial. I've known a few liars in my time, but none could hold a candle to this dude. Sheesh.

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    Let me state upfront that I oppose the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (and Mountain Valley), and long-time readers will understand why. I've been posting Friday Fracking videos for over seven years now, and have written countless times about leaky pipelines and Methane problems (atmospheric and groundwater).

    But the attacks on Governor Cooper over the $57.8 million pipeline fund have crossed the line, and many environmentalists are falling into the trap laid by the NC GOP to turn this into a corruption issue. It's not. Both West Virginia and Virginia did the very same thing, and that was before Governor Cooper negotiated NC's version:

    Virginia, it turns out, had signed a similar deal about a month earlier for an identical amount in the final weeks of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration, though with none of the fanfare, raising eyebrows among pipeline opponents.

    That agreement, and a similar deal that secured $27.5 million in mitigation money from the developers of the shorter Mountain Valley Pipeline that will cross into Southwest Virginia, still do not appear on new Gov. Ralph Northam’s website or that of Virginia’s secretary of natural resources.

    “These agreements were signed with the understanding that both MVP and ACP would file them on the (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) docket as part of their forest mitigation plan,” said Brian Coy, who was McAuliffe’s spokesman and is continuing in the same role under Northam. “That is the typical way in which these documents are made public.”

    The agreements have also been filed with General Assembly’s House and Senate finance committees, Coy added.

    “I’m surprised it wasn’t public at the time it was signed,” said Greg Buppert, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center in Charlottesville, which has fought both pipeline projects. “When the public got wind of this agreement, it sounded like another backroom pipeline deal that the public got left out of. That problem can be fixed if there’s more transparency about what’s going on. Whether we like it or not, these mitigation deals are common.”

    Bolding mine, because however you feel about the pipeline, accusing Roy Cooper of corruption is not only baseless, it simply feeds the false narrative created by Republicans. Just don't do it.

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    Sondland was on the other side of the ocean when the Ukraine phone call was made, and Giuliani was the main connection roping the Ambassador in. So the best way to neutralize Sondland's testimony is to throw Rudy under the bus.