Sunday Morning Open Thread

I love you all, but I'm spending my day outside in my garden. The tomatoes are scrumptious this year. My hubby is smoking a Boston Butt so we can have homemade barbecue tonight and I'll make some hot vinegar barbecue sauce to go along with it.

How are you spending your day?



Just a heads up:

I'm about to enter a phase I've been contemplating for some time now, which might seem a little odd for someone who fancies himself a "player" in the "influencing events via political commentary" realm, but...I'm starting a 4 1/2 week crash (poor choice of words, there) course on truck driving next week. Daddy gotta put food on his family and such.

I'm hoping this won't drastically alter my blogging behavior, but if I happen to disappear from time to time, it's because I'm out there somewhere praying that my breaks won't fail or blasting my airhorn in compliance with childrens' demands. ;)

My grandfather and grandmother drove trucks

at different times in their lives. They did quite well for themselves in a way...they were secure financially, but they didn't live high on the hog and from what I recall my grandfather enjoyed the "adventures." More and more there are truck stops and small shops with wifi, so hopefully you will be able to stay connected. could get a crackberry. Just don't text while driving. :D

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Isn't a crackberry

a communications device that you hide in the back of your pants like a pistol? :)

I've got a geek friend who is working on refurbing me a cheap (used) laptop that I can store/manage my digital pics in, and also connect via wifi. My BIL (who also drives) tells me that many truck stops have wifi access that covers the entire parking lot, so you can actually get on the internet from inside your cab. I'll figure out something.

I Thought I smelled BBQ

I thought I smelled bbq when I was driving through Union today.

He's quite handy with the smoker

...just had my first taste of tonight's Q....he outdid himself. It's the best of the summer. Green beans are from my garden. Salad is simply sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet onions (all from my garden) sprinkled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and topped with feta cheese.

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I had a friend who was a truck driver for years.

Even in the days of mostly dial-up, she didn't have trouble finding places where she could log on.

And sc - you're a good writer - you should either use your phone or a small digital recorder so that you can record "ideas" that come to you while you're driving. That way you won't lose them, and can come back to them and write about it.

Good luck!

Oh, the digital recorder is a great idea!

I took one out to my garden with me a few times. I just get too lost in thought and forget to think out loud.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That is a good idea, Linda

I've been meaning to get one of those for years, because I always have bouts of creative thinking when I'm tooling down the highway.