Decker Controvery, A Bi-Partisan Affair

With Republicans set to unleash an ad campaign designed to take back the house on the basis of Jim Black's alleged involvement in the Decker party switching affair. I think it is time to sit back and consider one tiny fact that the Republicans conveniently ignore; this was a bi-partisan affair.

If what Decker says is true, a Democrat gave a Republican (Decker) a bribe, and the Republican accepted it. We have been critical about our parties handling of Jim Black, but their handling of Mike Decker has not been any better. So, if the Republicans are going to make hay about this being a bigger issue than just Black to target Democrats, they should be reminded of their role and the role of Decker, one of their own, in this whole sordid mess.


Did you intentionally reel in the winger

so he could defend the painting of all Democrats as complicit just to slam him in the face with the fact that 50% of the problem was a Republican? You're a smart man, Targator. I, would really like to give Decker back to the Republicans (along with a few others). Do you think they would take him?

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