ElectriCities Spinning Fast and Loose with the Truth?


I just received an email from Teresa and rather than spin her words, I will quote it. I have to say I have received information previously that was almost similar so I think she makes good points.

An email from Teresa says

I draw the line at plain old lying or misleading, whichever it may be.

I just read Mr. Henderson's article about ElectriCities and he is off the mark or ElectriCities provided less than accurate information. ElectriCities' figure of $190,000 and $80,000, if that is what they gave him, cannot possibly be right. Common knowledge.

There are 5 staff people so the salaries there alone would be more than $300,000 + the $80,000 federal lobbyist + at least $200,000 for outside consultant lobbyists (see secretary of state page). So I think you should re-total or re-ask. Common knowledge. Also the lobbyist has been the recipient of double digit increases of more than 15% and 20% in one year, a dramatic spending pattern.

And it is a stretch to say that they need a range of experience and affiliations and are touting their expertise when THREE staff lobbyists have left during the past six months and there has been 80% turnover with the staff lobbyists since 2002. All of that must be considered with costs to this program.

All you have to do is look at the Secretary of State Website to see how many MORE contract lobbyists there are working for ElectriCities as compared to their competitors. So, the conclusion would be it takes 4 times as many lobbyists for 1/10th the customer base when comparing ElectriCities to Progress Energy. That would mean overspending or lack of expertise. I encourage everyone to take a look and I think you will agree, the amount spent is enough to evoke "furor" and is an area prime for a cut.

I encourage everyone to go to Electricities and ask for the public records for the salaries for Davis in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and see the percentage change; then look at the salaries for Johnson (ooops Davis just chased her off), Bailey (M), Henley, Amburn for the staff and see if it does not add up to more than $300,000. You can even ask if the salaries are divided among "topics" for budget purposes though that is just a game because they are lobbyists, grassroots, whatever. We all know what it means.

Then ask for the contracts for Ainsworth, Dorsett, Barnes, Musselwhite, Peters, Talley (federal), Melton, Tillet, and then check and see if there isn't a little contract for Mike Colo to do some legislative work which should count in lobbying (he was registered in the past) and if you want, ask for any contracts related to grassroots since they do that in their off time from the legislature. Still lobbying. They are playing fast and loose with the reporter and saying that this is what they "reported" for lobbying. Or they are counting part of the salaries as something other than lobbying, like grassroots. Either way. A spin on words. Get the facts. Continue to provide the information to city councils. Employees have verified this data. This is an area that should be cut. Ineffective due to turnover and too many compared to competitors.

But don't take my word for it, look at these pages and draw your own conclusions. And get the documents there.


Progress Energy

Rural Electric Cooperatives


It costs a lot to buy influence

But it's certainly easier than earning a reputation for doing the hard work. Especially when you're spending other people's money.

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