Dear God.

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I don't know what You have been up to lately, but it's clear You must be distracted. Between the genocide in Darfur and the asshole in the White House, You certainly do have your hands full. In fact, I've heard tell You have the whole world in your hands. But I've been wondering lately if you've been letting a few things slip between your fingers. Each day I discover more hatefulness being done in your name, including things that make me embarrassed that I was once baptized, courtesy of a church in the Southern Baptist Convention. And just in case you're not keeping up with the latest news (you do have access to the Internets, right?) here's a story that will knock your holy socks off.

Churches that welcome gays, or affiliate with groups that do, may no longer be eligible for membership in the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. The convention's board of directors, meeting this week in Asheboro, approved the new policy by a significant majority. It must still be ratified at the annual meeting of the convention in November.

Can you believe it? Churches that welcome gays can't join the Big Party of Right Wing Christian Wackos? You need to have a talk with these people, God. They are definitely not doing your will.

The vote cements the conservative direction of the convention, the largest denominational body in North Carolina with about 4,000 affiliated churches. Although the convention adopted a financial policy in 1992 that refused money for churches showing "public approval, promotion or blessing of homosexuality," the new policy would go further. It would forbid churches from ordaining gay clergy, making public statements supporting homosexuality or accepting as members people who have refused to "repent of the sin of homosexual behavior."

What I want to know, though, is why these so-called churches of yours don't require members to repent of the sin of ignoring your will. Didn't You tell these people that You are the judge, not them? Don't they have to ask forgiveness for their sins of insisting that others ask forgiveness for their sins? Is this really what you had in mind?

Yours in peace,




Let them bar every thinking, caring human being and they will wind up just a bunch of inbred snake handlers....and I'm a Baptist.

All I can tell you is from all of my Bible reading Jesus would be one pissed off Lord with the holier-than-thou crowd keeping people out of his house.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.