Richard Morgan for Governor?

I tell you folks, the intrigue just never ends around here. With Sue Myrick out of the '08 Governor's race, at least one pundit thinks he sees a Richard-Morgan-sized hole at the top of the Republican lineup.

Now let’s see here...North Carolina governors over the past couple decade have tended to lean to the political center - or at least pragmatic - over the past couple of decades, whether they be Democrats or Republicans. They need to have and be able to raise a fair amount of campaign cash. Their names, for better or worse, need to be fairly well known. And some experience in the legislature graduate school of hard knocks doesn’t hurt either.

Anyone know a GOP pol who fits that bill who will have time on their hands in a few months?

Read on. It's an interesting thought, but the Dems have roughly 2.5 strong candidates for that race (don't ask). And it's hard to imagine any candidate winning when he has pissed off the vocal winger fringe of the Republican party before he'd even gotten to the starting line. As much as I'd love to see Morgan run in '08, I don't see him being a serious contender.


The Puppetmaster

would clone all his Puppets and launch a full-frontal attack, destroying any innnocent bystanders in the line of fire. Would be great fun. Morgan should say he's running just to piss Pope off.

You mean Richard Moore?

I can't believe Morgan would be considered.

I've not kept up with all the details on Morgan's defection from the Republican Party, but I can't imagine he could win a statewide primary against, well, anyone else in the Republican Party.

Roy Cooper's been on the campaign trail for governor for about 2 years now, so I'll be surprised if he's not the next NC governor. I heard WBT mention Robert Pittinger from Mecklenburg on the Republican side, but I have yet to see anyone be able to unify Republicans from Down East and Mecklenburg.

Ogre...The same is true for Dems

Actually, those of us from Mecklenburg Co. get no respect. I mean...geeeee....look how my fellow BlueNCers treat Jim Black. No respect at all. hehehe

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