RealValues is Right

If the best that the NRCC has on Shuler is that he has ties in Tennessee, Taylor's in for a bumpy ride.


Oh no!

Not ties to Tennessee! Gasp!

Heh. The wingers are getting themselves strung out over the mid-term elections . . . and for good reason. Ties to Tennessee look pretty good when compared to ties to Jack Abramoff.


I guess I should have clicked through to the link...

Anyhoo, Scrutiny Hooligans were, I believe, the first to report these numbers.

You, dear Hoolie,

are a source of untold amusement and talent. What a great site! Good stuff through and through.


Thank you very much.

Go deep on the young rookie repub defensive back?

The perfect pass route for Shuler wideouts. With that rookie repub doing
the game plan for Taylor. Don't be surprise the score will be run up!