General Assembly Moves to Reform State Landfills

Eastern North Carolina has been targeted by waste companies as the dumping ground for the rest of the country's trash; these dumps are usually megalandfills that import up to thousands of tons of trash a day into these relatively undeveloped areas that they target. The reason that eastern North Carolina is the target is that the state has a low impact fee on imported trash and the counties targeted are very poor (such as this post about attempts to place a megalandfill in Scotland county). In fact the two requirements a county seems to need to be a target are that it is poor and has an interstate to bring the trash in.

The megalandfills have many environmental consequences. Beyond the obvious concentration of waste in our state, the importation brings a lot of heavy trucks and their fumes into our state.

The General Assembly appears to be taking action on the issue. Three bills have been filed to place more restrictions on the landfill placement (Senate version and House version) and place a moratorium on new landfills until other solutions are possible. The bills generally place more notice and hearing requirements before the placement of a landfill and give the local governments more flexibility in deciding whether to allow or reject the application for a landfill.

While these are good reforms, there is still the overridding issue of whether the low impact fees and rural poverty that make our state a target. The fees would be easy to raise by the General Assembly; rural poverty may be more difficult to fix. If you are interested in this issue, use our take action page to let your local representatives know that you want to restrict the importation of trash to our state.


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That we need to be addressing the root problem of poverty. When every community has the luxury of refusing landfills, we might start to look at better waste solutions than "dump it in somebody's backyard."

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We are a nation of consumers and the trash has to go somewhere, however, I think dumping trash should come at a premium. The more it costs to dump it, the more likely those shipping it here will push recycling efforts. Likewise, if the trash is coming from within our own state, those cities that are exporting it east shouldn't get off easy. Make them pay a premium too. The more we push recycling the better off we all will be.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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